ControlTrends Presents: The Haystack Connect 2013 — Hightlight Reel

ControlTrends is excited to present its Highlight Reel coverage of the Haystack Connect 2013 featuring Scott Muench, Jason Briggs, John Petze, Marc Petock, and Brian Frank who moderated a formidable assemblage of system integrators, inventors, innovators, industry experts, and leading edge customers — representing all viewpoints and technologies in one community-centric setting.

The “emerging atmosphere” of Haystack Connect and the powerful demonstrations of Haystack and the nhaystack protocol gave compelling testimony to the ever-shortening distance between rapidly developing, next-step hardware, software, and solution providers — all moving forward in concert as a swifter current of change, unachievable by a single entity.

Ken Sinclair’s June Review in (a must read issue with reviews and Haystack interviews) provided a befitting summary:

“The theme song for the first ever Chattanooga event was Buffalo Springfield’s – For What It’s Worth playing on the words; ‘There’s something happening here, What it is ain’t exactly clear.’ The song gets a little darker after that but the not the event. It continued on a very positive note and ended on a high one.”

Control Trends made every effort to capture as much of Haystack Connect 2013 as possible. If anyone has any additional footage or information, feel free to add them to the comments section.

Please enjoy our Highlight Reel:

Ross Malme Speaking About Energy at Haystack Connect

Contemporary Controls and George Thomas at HayStack Connect: Embedded Linux — “A Standardized Platform for IP Applications.”

Jim Loughrey From Logica Lighting Speaking at Haystack Connect

See The Power Of Haystack Connect

Haystack Connect Breakout Session On Energy: Scot Duncan from Enerliance introduced the group to

some refinements on energy saving strategies that yield huge results and a very potent energy saving platform called LOBOS.

Stay tuned to ControlTrends for more videos from Haystack Connect.

Haystack Connect 2013 Brings Together Companies, Technology and People who are Re-defining Smart Devices and Connected Systems

Live from Chattanooga, TN — Haystack Connect 2013


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