ControlTrends’ Spotlight Shines on the International Systems of America — A System That Works! (And Grows)

isa_logoPresident and CEO, Mike Epperson, and National Sales Manager, Julio Rodriguez, welcomed ControlTrends to International Systems of America’s (ISA) Home Office, in Louisville, KY, just a few miles from the UPS Worldport Hub, and graciously introduced us to ISA, one of the fastest growing service solution providers in the fire, security, energy, and communication markets.

This episode of ControlTrends NOW provides unique and valuable insight to the huge fire and security industries. Bear in mind, ISA’s growth has spread mostly by word-of-mouth. ISA’s success is driven by economic and operational necessities — and ISA’a unparalleled maintenance of exacting standards within ISA’s two in-house laboratories, where the business of reconditioning and repairing legacy components, broken down to the circuit board level, is flourishing.

Simply stated, ISA has been around a long while — and always sold lots of new and reconditioned parts; always served as a premiere testing and repair center; and always provided customized service and maintenance contracts in all 50 States and Canada for the past 25 years. The HVAC world just didn’t know it! Fact is, ISA is a growing entity with satellite and branch offices at five other locations across the USA, as it continues to do an increasing amount of heavy lifting for Fortune 500 companies that tacitly require their support, but the word is getting out — and many other business opportunities are aligning.

ISA is thoroughly proven in the field with numerous case studies and active projects that speak volumes: The Pentagon, Vanderbilt University, U.S. Naval Academy, Fort Campbell, and Scott Air Force Base, in addition to 2,187 commercial customers.


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  1. Excellent post. When I was with a school system we used ISA to rebuild some of our legacy Siemens systems. They sent parts next day air and gave us warranty. Saved our tails. I would recommend ISA to anyone. Thank you Ken

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