EasyIO — It’s All in the Touch! Color, Touchscreen Room Sensors

It's All in the Touch

Now in two flavors, EIO-55 and EIO-75, touchscreen temperature sensors.  They come default in Fahrenheit for display and variable output (EIO-50 and EIO-70 is default Celcius). The 55 has optional humidity sensing and the 75 has optional humidity and CO2 sensing. Both models include 24VAC/DC power supply.

Size Matters

These sensors offer a modern, flush mounted slim design with a 3.5″ backlit LCD color touchscreen. They can be used for various zone or underfloor heating/cooling control applications. 


How to Communicate

The MOD models have built-in Modbus RTU communications and
the BAC models provide BACnet MSTP communications. The thermostats can also be configured and used as a lighting interface. The 75 has fan control.

In Your Face

This image illustrates the typical home screen on the user interface. The screen is touch sensitive and shows the current status of the system. Inside the red/blue/white ring the device shows the current target value (temperature). As default, the ring’s intensity changes based on the target value differing from the sensor (built-in sensor) measurement.

Read All About IT

Download the EIO-55 User Guide or the EIO-75 User Guide.

Buy & Try

Order samples before July 20 (2019), and take 20% off each SKU.

EIO-55-BAC: BACnet, List $431
EIO-55-MOD: Modbus, List $431
EIO-55-BAC-RH: BACnet, Humidity Sensor, List $578
EIO-55-MOD-RH: Modbus, Humidity Sensor, List $578
EIO-75-BAC: BACnet MSTP, fan control, List $455
EIO-75-MOD: Modbus, fan control, List $455
EIO-75-BAC-RH: BACnet MSTP, Humidity, fan control, List $603
EIO-75-MOD-RH: Modbus Humidity Sensor, fan control, List $603
EIO-75-BAC-CO2: BACnet MSTP, CO2, fan control, List $1,054
EIO-75-MOD-CO2: Modbus, CO2, fan control, List $1,054
EIO-75-BAC-CO2-RH: BACnet MSTP, CO2 and Humidity, fan control, List $1,266
EIO-75-MOD-CO2-RH: Modbus, CO2 and Humidity, fan control, List $1,266

1. The ERST-50 SKU has changed to EIO-55 reflecting a default to Fahrenheit.
2. For Celcius, order 50 or 70.  Lead times will be longer as these are not stocked in the US.


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