Harnessing Energy Management Excellence: Dual Fuel’s Unique Approach

Harnessing advanced technology and innovative thinking, Dual Fuel is reshaping energy management Heating Plants, making them the go-to choice for forward-thinking building owners.

If there’s one thing that resonated from my recent chat with Joseph Bohm, from Dual Fuel, it was the undeniable truth that managing energy in the 21st century is a task fraught with challenges, but also brimming with opportunities. Joseph shares how Dual Fuel is using data analytics, Sky Spark and Haystack to make heating plants more energy efficient.  This insightful conversation took place at the amazing Haystack Connect Event in Nashville, where industry leaders converge to explore emerging trends in the realm of intelligent buildings and IoT.

Founded on the premise of providing top-tier services in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, Dual Fuel has now carved a unique niche in the industry by offering comprehensive energy management solutions. With an impressive suite of services, including installation, monitoring & service, mobile boilers, and energy management, Dual Fuel is leaving no stone unturned in the pursuit of sustainable energy efficiency.

But what sets Dual Fuel apart in this intensely competitive arena? According to Bohm, it’s all about integrating a forward-thinking approach with real-time data analytics. With their energy management platform, powered by the advanced Skyspark™ analytics engine, Dual Fuel is now capable of identifying real-time energy waste and operational inefficiencies. Their unique proposition helps building owners optimize energy consumption and ultimately, control costs.

While other companies focus on basic HVAC services, Dual Fuel goes the extra mile to ensure complete client satisfaction. From oil to gas conversions, combined heat and power systems (CHP), boiler installations, building repipes, and 24-hour emergency service, the Dual Fuel team has you covered. The company boasts a team of skilled mechanics, plumbers, welders, and steam fitters who are proficient in designing, building, and servicing mechanical systems of any size or complexity.

One standout feature of Dual Fuel’s operation is their ability to offer remote monitoring of customer equipment through a single dashboard. This not only allows for proactive response to outages but also simplifies the overall management process for clients. Furthermore, they maintain a fleet of mobile boilers, ensuring buildings aren’t left without heat or hot water in emergencies.

Beyond these services, Dual Fuel is also a dedicated player in the realm of energy management. The company’s experts assist clients in managing commodity risk and offer fixed and variable pricing for natural gas, electricity, and oil. All these efforts are geared towards one goal – energy optimization, which is pivotal for cost-efficiency and sustainability.

An intriguing aspect of Dual Fuel’s offerings is their ability to optimize energy costs through load shifting based on commodity pricing and demand response events. By leveraging advanced analytics, smart alarms, and an open platform for easy integration with existing control systems, Dual Fuel offers building owners a surefire way to reduce energy costs without compromising tenant comfort.

Interestingly, Dual Fuel is also an approved NYSERDA RTEM System and Service Provider, offering cost-sharing rebates of up to 30% for the installation and ongoing monitoring of their energy management system. This partnership reiterates Dual Fuel’s commitment to sustainability and cost-saving measures in the energy sector.

In closing, Dual Fuel’s unique energy management solutions, fortified by advanced analytics and cloud-based technology, stand as testament to their innovative approach in the energy sector. This commitment to identifying and reducing energy waste, coupled with their cost-sharing rebates, make them a formidable force in the industry.

As we concluded our discussion at Haystack Connect, Joseph Bohm was adamant that Dual Fuel’s mission is about more than just HVAC solutions. It’s about shaping the future of energy management, one building at a time, ensuring a sustainable, cost-efficient future for all.


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