Honeywell WEBs-AX Software Release

webs_stationAXHoneywell Announces the Release of WEBs-AX Software: Honeywell is pleased to announce the availability of WEBs-AX software release, which is an update to WEBs-AX This new release includes all patched modules that were released since WEBs-AX 3.7u1.
Honeywell WEBs-AX Software Release Bulletin: Software Release PDF
Consolidated patches for 3.7 Update 1: Issues Fixed

What’s in this release?
1. All Honeywell tools – Spyder, Stryker, Venom and AX Wizards have been tested
2. A new version of the RedLINK driver jar file is included
3. Following documents have been included in this release
a. 31-00001 RedLINK Install instructions.pdf
b. 31-00002 RedLINK Operating Guide.pdf
c. 31-00010 WEB-300E Install Instructions.pdf
d. 31-00012 SEC-602-616 Install Instructions.pdf

The following documents and images are available on the Buildings Forum.
1. WEBs-AX images (WEBStation-AX, WEBPro-AX, SoftJACE and Alarm Console)
2. Issues fixed WEBs-AX
3. Software Release Bulletin for WEBs-AX


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