IntesisBox Gateways Easy-to-Use and Reliable Solutions for System Integration and Control of Smart Buildings

IntesisBox offers a wide range of products to facilitate communication between different protocols. Based on the most used standard protocols, such as BACnet, EnOcean, KNX, LonWorks, Modbus, DALI, MBUS and many more, IntesisBox helps you integrate most of the devices currently in the market related with Home and Building automation.

Multi-protocol integration may be required in many different scenarios. From very large installations, to small projects the variety of nowadays technologies require multiprotocol integrations at all scales. Thanks to multi-protocol converters, different devices can coexist in a single management system, such as SCADA, BMS or Central Controller solutions.

Protocols are not identical, its features and design make each stand out in some applications or scenarios. For example, KNX may be clear option for homes, hotels and offices, while on the other hand BACnet or Modbus are more related to public buildings such as hospitals, airports.

IntesisBox is one of the most specialized multi-protocol gateways manufacturer. It offers a wide range of products to combine protocols for complex, functional and accurate installations. IntesisBox works and combines the following protocols: ASCII, BACnet, DALI, EnOcean, FIDELIO, KNX, LonWorks, Modbus and WiFi.

Think of any large building such as a Hospital or a Rail Station. Nowadays, control and supervision systems require integration to optimize integration. For instance: HVAC systems, Fire protections systems Lighting control, Energy meters, and Sensors

All these systems need to talk to the central controller (BMS or SCADA) which is usually only capable of talking one single protocol, while the other elements talk its own one (even if it standard).

Smart homes: Multi-protocol solutions are not just located in large facilities. A residential project, like a smart home may require a multi-protocol solution. Think of any window contact, blind actuator, light control, climate control… Again, all these devices usually use their own proprietary protocol or a standard one and in order to get them all together in your control system, you will need a multi-protocol converter to match all of them.


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