Pushing Boundaries with PlantPRO®: Conserveit’s Blueprint for a Sustainable Future”

What is up building automation control pros and sustainability devotees? Here we are in Nashville, Tennessee, the stage of the 2023 Haystack Connect meeting, ready to delve into an insightful conversation with an industry leader, Richard McElhinney. If you’re scratching your head, wondering, “Who’s this guy?” Let’s just say he’s a stalwart in the field of energy efficiency and smart buildings.

Richard is a key player at Conserveit, a company trailblazing the path to energy efficiency and revolutionizing smart buildings. He’s also one of the new directors shaping the future of Haystack Connect, the lifeblood of data analytics for energy-saving in our smart, sustainable buildings. So, buckle up, Control Pro, as we decode the future of smart buildings and sustainability one tag at a time!

First on the agenda is the flagship product of Conserve itPlantPRO®. This isn’t just a chiller plant control and optimization solution; it’s a beacon for energy efficiency in the building automation controls arena. With its intelligent controls, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting, PlantPRO® is an energy-saving virtuoso that harmonizes efficiency and comfort in our smart buildings.

On the social side, PlantPRO® is a champ. It embraces Haystack tagging, making data sharing a breeze and boosting operational efficiency. With the arrival of the new Haystack Connect update, Xeto, PlantPRO® is ready to kick energy efficiency up a notch.

Our sustainability advocate, Richard McElhinney, couldn’t be more excited about Xeto. This update to Project Haystack is set to revolutionize building automation controls, making tagging easier and enhancing community collaboration via Github. Xeto’s top-tier validation process ensures every point is spot on, a game-changer in our quest for a sustainable future.

So, there you have it, Control Pro! Conserveit is transforming the world of smart buildings, one innovation at a time. Their commitment to energy efficiency, sustainable solutions like PlantPRO®, and initiatives like Xeto are helping to redefine our built environment. The future is not just smart and sustainable, it’s powered by Conserveit!”


  1. PlantPRO®: Energy Savings at Your Fingertips

Conserve It’s PlantPRO® solution is a game-changer in the realm of chiller plant control and optimization. By leveraging smart intelligent controls, advanced analytics, and real-time reporting, PlantPRO® empowers building owners and operators to achieve significant energy savings. The solution optimizes the performance of chiller plants, ensuring they operate at peak efficiency while minimizing energy consumption. Through PlantPRO®, Conserve It is making substantial strides in reducing the environmental footprint of buildings without compromising comfort or functionality.

  1. Next-Generation Building Controllers: Unleashing the Power of IoT

Conserve It’s range of new generation IoT controllers takes advantage of the power of the Niagara Framework, offering maximum performance at minimum cost. These controllers provide a comprehensive suite of features, enabling seamless integration and control of various building systems. By leveraging IoT technology, Conserve It enables building operators to centralize and streamline their building management, resulting in improved operational efficiency, enhanced occupant comfort, and optimized energy usage.

  1. Collaborative Solutions: TridiumTalk and Partnerships

Conserve It understands the value of collaboration and partnerships in driving innovation. Through initiatives like TridiumTalk, powered by Niagara, Conserve It actively contributes to the development of the Niagara 4 ecosystem. This collaboration allows solution developers to incorporate the full features and functionality of Niagara 4 into their own edge devices, fostering a vibrant ecosystem of smart building solutions. By working together with industry leaders like Lynxspring and others, Conserve It is committed to advancing the capabilities and interoperability of smart building technologies.

  1. Recognizing Excellence: Young Energy Efficiency Professional Award

Conserve It takes pride in recognizing and honoring outstanding achievements in sustainable solutions. Recently, Michael Berger, a key member of Conserve It, was honored with the Young Energy Efficiency Professional Award. This prestigious award underscores Conserve It’s commitment to fostering dedication and innovation in the pursuit of a brighter, more sustainable future.

Conserve It is transforming the landscape of smart buildings with their innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to sustainability. Through their PlantPRO® solution, next-generation building controllers, collaborative initiatives, and recognition of excellence, Conserve It is driving energy efficiency, operational excellence, and occupant comfort in buildings worldwide. With their cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking approach, Conserve It is a leading force in revolutionizing smart buildings and shaping a greener future.

To learn more about Conserve It and their groundbreaking solutions, visit their website 


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