Smart Buildings Integrator Summit — Huge Focus on the Master Systems Integrator

And Realcomm|IBcon 2019 begins...

Ken and I spent the yesterday listening to the some of the most intelligent minds in Smart Building Controls business. These are the minds that are shaping the future of Smart Buildings.  And, yesterday was just the Pre-Con Event!

We are now at the main sessions of the 2019 Realcomm/IBcon Conference in Nashville, TN.

We are covering this event for our global ControlTrends Community — shooting as many videos as we can, interviewing the savviest controls people we can find, and live-streaming as long as we have battery life!

This is one of the videos we live-streamed yesterday. Conversation included how owners are profiling Smart Building Controls Master System Integrators, and how they are learning to  specify the MSI role before the project is bid to protect their Smart Buildings interests.  It is a must watch for anyone wanting to be successful in today’s evolving building automation market.

As we post this, we are unpacking the camera gear and heading back into the show to live-stream more great content.

If you want to see more of these in real time, be sure to  subscribe  to our YouTube Channel.


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