Steven Guzelimian Tells us about Optergy’s New VRF Application Document

Hi Guys, we just came out with a great new application data sheet for VRF and making those buildings smarter. Check it out, we elevate the VRF buildings and help consultants and contractors get more scope of work.

Variable Refrigeration Flow (VRF) has become very prevalent in recent years as an efficient and effective HVAC technology. This technology dramatically changes the market for those accustomed to installing controllers on equipment like AHU, FCU, VAV, chiller and boiler plant and other traditional equipment requiring control.

This reduced scope has the effect of reducing the market size for traditional controls and making the competition even more fierce. The situation is further exacerbated by factory mounted controls, making even the simplest integration an unappealing controls project.

At Optergy we would like to help you get more scope on projects using our combined Energy + Building Management +Tenant Afterhours & Utility Billing software. The products we built will help you find new and exciting ways to engage with your buildings especially if they have VRF. The time saving workflow coupled with new features will help you become a premiere Smart Building Integrator.

Check out our amazing new VRF application data sheet that you can use to inform your consultants/contractors/customers with a compelling feature set that will make your VRF buildings use Smart Energy Monitoring & Control feature set. Supercharge your service sales with a great story to get more scope.

New VRF Application Datasheet

The next time you sit down for coffee with one of your customers, leaf through this guide, to explore how smart your building can be.


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