Building Robotics’ Comfy is Real High Tech-High Touch — Is it the NEST-Best Thing?

Iamcomfy John Naisbitt, inventor of “Megatrends” (watch below) would have to be proud of COMFY’s High Touch solution to a challenging High Tech problem. As building management systems (BMS) continue to increase energy efficiency, the satisfaction of the building occupants could well be decreasing — because the occupants are not comfortable and they assume the technologies around them — are being used against them, and please, the use of dummy (placebo) thermostats has run its course.

The COMFY solution, people-centered intelligence for buildings, is delivered without a lot kicking and scratching — an ethernet connection to any BACnet BMS system and COMFY puts people back into the equation — very accurately, as the most important and vital sensor input variable. Comfy delivers instant high-touch by providing instant streams of warm or cool air to people while also using high-tech machine learning in the background to reduce energy use. The high touch words “Warm my Space” or “Cool my Space” or better yet, “I’m Comfy,” replace the set points and the numeric temperature displays. COMFY’s contextualized technology allows users to pinpoint their locations yielding optimized zoning. The energy savings generated by COMFY occupants (over 20%) are impressive.

This form of digital hugging and providing occupants with a relevant experience in the context and time that’s most relevant to them is becoming critical as more and more high tech is delivered.

“In our craving for emotional authenticity, Naisbitt locates the great challenge of our frenetic era.”


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  1. Thank you Ken for the post

    I have Inversion table that helps me to relax and when I return from using it.
    My mind is sharper and clearer.

    Taking a break from working is good when your at that point of no return.
    Technology is moving so fast. We have to step back to look at all, then make the right choice.
    Take a break before you decide.

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