CEO, Ron Victor, at 2019 Realcomm|IBcon, explains IoTium’s OT Access Solution for Secure Remote Access — OT Professionals Listen Up!

IoTium's OT Access is your Remote Access Solution!

Operations Technology (OT) teams need to provide employees, trusted third parties, and technicians secure remote access to on-site systems for OT installations, monitoring, and  maintenance. Click here for more!


Provision, authenticate, manage, and audit secure remote access for third-party vendors and technicians to all your assets across the globe through a single pane of glass using ioTium’s OT-Access. OT-Access is a remote access management infrastructure offered as-a-service that puts you in control to enable scalable agent-less secure third-party remote access to your mission-critical assets. This enables a uniform methodology for you to manage and monitor which technicians from which vendors are accessing which subsystems and touching which applications across all your assets globally in verticals including Building Automation, Oil & Gas, Power and Utilities, Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Smart Cities.

Product Highlights

Uniform Global Secure Access

Streamlined secure third-party remote access to all your assets globally.

Plug & Go

Simply plug in the ioTium iNode and leave all the heavy lifting to ioTium’s OT-Net infrastructure. Use OT-Net to provision, authenticate, manage, and audit secure third-party remote access in minutes.


Requires no new software download or install by vendors and technicians to securely connect to industrial subsystems and assets across the globe. 

Monitoring and Audit

Continuous centralized monitoring and audit of access, with reports on who accessed the network and when.

Access Management

Ease of access management through centralized enforcement to grant or revoke technician/vendor access to assets.


Shields vulnerable devices from exposure to public internet by enabling secure remote access to vendors while the devices continue to remain in private networks.



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