Lynxspring Announces New JENEsys® Edge™ 414 IP Programmable Niagara Controller

Lynxspring's new JENEsys Edge 414 is ideal for small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments, plant, and equipment control and perfect for applications that require minimal integration with third party products (max 3) and minimal points of control (max 50)

Attention Lynxspring Business and Technology Partners:

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the JENEsys Edge 414, a new, fully programmable Niagara 4, controller with on board 14 IO.

Part of the company’s Edge Enabled™ portfolio, this unit blends the adaptability and flexibility of a freely IP programmable device and a 50-point, 3 device perpetual maintenance Niagara 4 license.

The JENEsys Edge 414 enables you to utilize Niagara ProBuilder /Workbench software, Niagara programming tools and the FOX Protocol for easy setup, programming, commissioning, and control.

As a fully programmable Niagara 4 controller with a full Niagara stack, this unit includes:

  •    4 Digital Output (DO) relays, 6 Universal Inputs (UI) and 4 Analog Outputs (AO)
  •    N4 Embedded Software – Supports release 4.4, 4.6, 4.7 and soon 4.9
  •    N4 License that supports 50 points and 3 devices – Note: The JENEsys Edge 414 is offered with one license option only (50 points and 3 devices) and may not be upgraded or changed.
  •    N4 Software Maintenance for Life; included with the license
  •    Supports Spanning Tree Protocol – Supports up to 25 controllers on a single Spanning Tree IP Protocol Network
  •    Supports FOX, BACnet IP and MSTP, Modbus TCP/TU (client only), SNMP, WEBUI and others
  •    Includes compatibility with the JENEsys Edge Configuration Tool, Auto IP Addressing, Provisioning Program and Continuous Commissioning
  •    Additional extender modules capability (Onyxx XM34IO), adding 34 points of IO each, for a maximum of 116 points
  •    Open NiCS
  •    Linux OS
  •    Plenty of memory
  •    Easy to configure and deploy
  •    Made in the U.S.A.

Each JENEsys Edge 414 allows for an Ethernet daisy chain communication network. It also embraces BACnet, Modbus, SNMP protocols if needed and WEBui is also included.

To maximize value, Lynxspring makes available toolsets that enable mass configuration and addressing of EDGE 414 VAVs and terminal unit controllers, continuous commissioning and provisioning for patching and upgrades.

When the unit is applied as part of an Edge Enabled system that includes a Web Supervisor, JENEsys PC 8000’s, JENEsys Edge 534s and JENEsys Edge 514s, the JENEsys Edge 414 helps create a complete, horizontal IP Niagara based BAS solution. The JENEsys Edge 414 as well as the other Edge Enabled devices allows you to maximize your investment in Niagara and make use of a single layer/one platform, IP architecture across the entire building for real-time access and control. Experience faster deployment times, reduced setup and management costs, reduced complexity and have the ability to add their own value-added applications.

The unit is ideal for today’s small to mid-sized facilities, multi-site environments, plant, and equipment control. The controller is perfect for applications that require minimal integration with third party products (max 3) and minimal points of control (max 50).

For more information, refer to the Data Sheet or

DOWNLOAD THE JENEsys Edge 414 IP Programmable Niagara Controller DATA SHEET

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Thank you for your continued business and support,


Marc Petock
Chief Marketing & Communications Officer
Lynxspring, Inc.
Phone: 877-649-5969


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