Sierra Monitor: 4 Steps to Transform Your Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices

Before embarking on a journey of IIoT integration, an OEM must determine the precise business opportunities they want to achieve through the IIoT—whether that means improving service and support, knowing more precisely where all its connected devices are located and what they’re actually doing, or gaining the insights that will lead to better products. With our IIoT On-Ramp Suite, we can make it simple rather than daunting to get there.

In the white paper titled Transforming Industrial Devices into Smart, Cloud-Connected Devices, we outline the following four simple steps for leveraging the IIoT On-Ramp Suite to guide OEMs along the pathway toward a smart and cloud-connected IIoT environment:

* Get the OEM field devices on an IP network with a gateway.
* Make the gateway smarter.
* Extend beyond the field; bridge the field to the cloud.
* Connect the device cloud to your business applications.

In addition to learning about our 1-2-3-4 step approach, the white paper also highlights the important distinctions between consumer and industrial IoT environments, what the consumer IoT can ultimately teach the IIoT, and the benefits of smart, cloud-connected IIoT devices. Click to download the white paper.


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