Two Products Every Smart Building Control Pro Should Know

Do you have conflicts with IT over your smart building controls being on their network? What do you do when your BACnet controllers are not communicating and you don’t know why?
No worries, Monica and Grace, who are with Optigo Networks, have two great solutions. We caught up with Monica McMahen and Grace Young at the 2019 IBcon Smart Buildings Conference. They showed us two products every smart building control pro should know.
If you are having problems with IT and their network, create your own!
With Optigo’s, Optigo Connect this is easy and affordable. The Optigo Connect family of
of networking hardware products can connect thousands of smart devices anywhere on location. They use less gear than using traditional methods.. This saves money on hardware costs.
Implementing IoT in a new building or retrofitting old buildings with smart devices can be expensive. Complicated. Requiring large capital investments and specialized knowledge. Optigo Connect saves time and money without sacrificing security or long-term scalability.
Unifying a network of more than 500 IP security cameras, elevators and building automation devices Optigo ConnectTM saved 90% in cabling at Torre Diana. Sweet!
Are you stuck on a BACnet job and devices are not talking? Life is much easier if you have this network troubleshooting life saver from Optigo; Optigo’s Visual BACNet.
Visual BACnet is an advanced visualization tool for Building Automation System Service Providers. The powerful analytics engine identifies common problems and anomalous behavior in the BACnet infrastructure. Isolating a problem in a network with thousands of devices can be time-consuming and overwhelming.
With Visual BACnet, Field Service Technicians and Facilities Operators can quickly identify issues, create reports, track problem devices, analyze packet traffic, and fix the problem quicker.
Click here to see how Princeton University solved the problem of the Stadium lights coming on in the middle of the night, waking up most of the campus, using Visual BACnet.
BONUS: Watch the video to hear about a brand new product announcement from Optigo Networks.

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