I Had a Dream — That I Was Steve Fey, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

GOOD: I had a dream that I was Steve Fey. I was crossing the stage at the opening of the Niagara Summit 2012. I’m the smiling president of Tridium considering the comparison just made — the Niagara Platform was to Tridium, what Windows was to Microsoft. The Niagara Summit 2012 was global and sold out, and I was the commander-in-chief of one the most formidable integration platforms in the world. It was to be my crowning experience and the most exciting moment of my life.

One of my esteemed colleagues, Marc Petock, who preceded me on stage, felt equally ecstatic. Our version of Tridium, with its collective visions and efforts was now being celebrated as one of the industry’s most talented and successful organizations in the world, and we were about to share our technical and marketing triumphs. I was standing on an unrivaled and unparalleled summit of success.

In the end, the Niagara Summit 2012 left the attendees astounded with Tridium’s accomplishments and promise. With its pace-setting technology and potential growth unbounded in every direction, Tridium’s future looked, simply amazing.

BAD: Dreams, good dreams, at least, do not last. With all the ferocity and finality of a hurricane, tsunami, or act of corporate down-sizing, my sense of well-being was ruined on Tuesday of this week when I learned that both Steven Fey, president, and Marc Petock, V.P. of Marketing, were no longer with Tridium! Let the speculation begin!

Were these men given up as high-profile scapegoats offered in response to the recent Washington Post disclosure by a high-level hacker — who gave Tridium its first black eye? Or, was this move part of another dynamic reduction, or worse yet, was it the beginning of Honeywell’s inevitable assault on the Inner House of Tridium?

UGLY: This dream review now serves as an eulogy, given in genuine heartfelt farewell to two important and very successful men, temporarily in reshuffle status. May their contacts, promises, and support bindings never be broken!

My afflicted well-being continues: Is it possible that what is good for the goose is bad, very bad for the gander? Confidence? Who needs confidence? What is the role of the profit? Who really should take the fall? Who can fill their shoes? Who wants to be commander-in-chief of a finance-driven blood sport? Nothing to do but follow the bounce of the corporate culture and cast lots on who is next?

The Niagara Community, like the ControlTrends Community, is filled with wondering minds, and as investors, integrators, and the near normal people who buy and sell these Tridium products and make them work — for a living, they need to see corporate direction, they need answers and explanations, because it gives them the confidence they need to “tell and sell” their customers — that it’s just another one of those corporate decisions made way above their pay-grade.

Whatever the reason(s), Steve and Marc will be missed. They were liked and respected members of our industry and we wish them well.

The doppler rings are widening. ControlTrends will keep you posted! BUT, if you learn anything important first, please post.


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  1. Amen…both Marc and Steve have been the industry’s most outspoken evangelists for smart, connected intelligent buildings for the past decade…those are going to be difficult shoes to fill and they’ll be sorely missed.

  2. Amen Clint, two finer men you will not meet and in all my years of dealing with both of them never once can I ever remember either on of them making a excuse. These guys both had the right stuff at the wrong place and wrong time. It will interesting ride in the Tridium sub station for the next few month as we see what direction the Mothership decides to take her in.

  3. Great story Clint and I couldn’t agree more. Both Steve and Marc were the ‘best of the best” in this industry. Not only were they extremely intelligent and talented, they were two great people to do business with. It is always a tradegy to be on the receiving end of a political “bone-head” decision.

  4. There is going to be tremendous speculation over why this happened. These were two great guys that had tremendous passion for the business and Tridium. The mother ship will now have to show leadership like never before. Can that even happen? Who gets the truth?

  5. Good Story:
    I feel horrible for both Marc and Steve. I loved their dedication and devotion to the Niagara community. It will a major feat to find any one to fill their shoes

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