Introducing the JACE® 9000: Your Comprehensive FAQs Answered

The JACE® 9000: Your Comprehensive FAQs Answered

If you’re in the world of building automation controls, you’ve likely heard about the JACE 9000. This innovative solution brings a host of features and improvements to the table. We’ve gathered the most commonly asked questions about the JACE 9000 and provided easy-to-understand answers to help you make sense of it all.

Q: Is the JACE 9000 compatible with previous models like the JACE 8000 and older JACEs? A: Absolutely! The JACE 9000 is fully compatible with the JACE 8000 and older legacy JACE models.

Q: Which versions of Niagara will the JACE 9000 support? A: The JACE 9000 will launch with Niagara 4.13. It will exclusively support version 4.13 and later releases of the Niagara Framework, foregoing compatibility with any previous versions.

Q: What sets the JACE 9000 apart from the JACE 8000? A: The JACE 9000 boasts improved performance, onboard storage, uSD (microSD) backup capability, and a lack of a backup port. Although both the JACE 8000 and JACE 9000 share similar environmental specifications, they differ in terms of operation. You can find a detailed comparison in the Quick Start Guide and Manual available in the Niagara Resource Center.

Q: Will all features be available at the initial release? A: While the initial release won’t include all features, rest assured that Niagara 4.14 will roll out with additional functionality. This upcoming release will encompass DHCP server support for field bus devices on the secondary Ethernet port, 802.1X, DR-CCN Carrier Comfort Network driver, and Wi-Fi (for the wireless model).

Q: What are the standard connections on the JACE 9000? A: For the non-wireless JACE 9000, expect the following connections: a 24VAC/DC Power Supply, two isolated RS-485 ports, a USB type C (Serial Shell), and two 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports. The wireless model will include these connections as well as dual-band Wi-Fi 5.

Q: How will Niagara software be available on the JACE 9000? A: The software and Niagara core models on the JACE 9000 will align with existing JACE 8000 models. To distinguish between the two, new models like NC-9005 for JACE 9000 will be created, equivalent to their JACE 8000 counterparts.

Q: Is a software maintenance agreement (SMA) mandatory? A: Yes, the JACE 9000 will require an SMA for optimal performance and support.

Q: Does the JACE 9000 come with drivers? A: Yes, the JACE 9000 includes drivers. Check Tridium’s online Library or for a list of Niagara 4 drivers. You can also add additional Tridium or third-party drivers.

Q: How does the JACE 9000 compare to the JACE 8000 in terms of form factor and wiring? A: The JACE 9000 maintains the exact same footprint, size, and form factor as the JACE 8000. Wiring terminals are also in identical locations, intentionally designed to facilitate seamless retrofit opportunities.

Q: Will the JACE 8000 power supply and expansion modules work with the JACE 9000? A: Yes, the existing WPM-8000 power supply and expansion modules like NPB-8000-232, NPB-8000-2X-485, and NPB-8000-LON are fully supported and compatible with the JACE 9000.

Q: What certifications does the JACE 9000 have? A: The JACE 9000 meets UL, CE, FCC, and other standards. For a complete list of certifications, refer to the data sheet available on Library.

Q: Will the JACE 9000 have UKCA approval? A: Yes, the JACE 9000 is certified with UKCA approval.

Q: When will the JACE 9000 receive BACnet certification? A: BACnet certification for the JACE 9000 is slated for Niagara 4.14’s release, with testing and certification aligned with BACnet version 16.

Q: What are the default IP address and credentials for the JACE 9000? A: The default IP address for all JACE 9000 units is The default credentials for access are admin/admin, and the default system passphrase is also admin. Remember to update these for security upon initial connection.

Q: What’s the storage capacity of the JACE 9000’s SD card? A: The JACE 9000 utilizes an 8GB SD card. This capacity stores complete device backups, including daily full backups at 2:00 AM, and incremental backups until the card is full.

Q: Is the host ID tied to the SD card on the JACE 9000? A: Yes, similar to the JACE 8000, the JACE 9000’s microSD card holds the host ID. You can restore a backup from a microSD card in a new device by providing the system passphrase from the device it was removed from.

Q: Can I use an SD card from a JACE 8000 in a JACE 9000? A: No, SD cards are not interchangeable between the JACE 8000 and JACE 9000.

The JACE 9000 is shaping up to be an impressive addition to building automation, packed with compatibility and enhancements. Stay tuned for more updates and features as Niagara 4.14 approaches!


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