Rewind: Eric Interviews Bryan Pike from AIC Wireless

AIC Wireless has developed wireless products for HVAC building automation control and monitoring applications. I sat down and talked with Bryan Pike, one of the owners of AIC Wireless, about the company and the reliable products they produce. AIC wireless products are a low cost alternative to long runs of wire or Lon cable to control points in unreachable locations. Not sure if wireless is right for your application? Just click on the play button and find out.

What makes AIC products special is that they are very easy to set up; they truly are “plug and play.”AIC wireless is a proven product with successful installations that range from wireless communications from several feet to up to six miles. One of AIC’s higher profile projects was connecting data points at Fort Benning Georgia. Among other things, the AIC wireless control system used their bidirectional transceivers to receive and transmit data over a very hilly Fort Benning terrain. The AIC transceivers used the LonWorks protocol to communicate between a local LonWorks controller and an EMCS control room server. For more information about all the control points that the base monitors and controls check out the case studyby LonMark International.

AIC Wireless can expand any new or existing network. The transceivers operate on a point-to-multipoint architecture, which means that one server transceiver can communicate with multiple client devices. The AIC wireless transceivers work well in near and non-line-of-sight applications, and ranges can go up to forty miles. In addition to the transceivers, you need to make sure you select the proper antenna for longer distances.

need help with a wireless application? Contact one of the Control Pros at Stromquist & Company if you are located in Georgia or Florida or one of our able bodied affiliates at Controls Group North America if you are located in another part of the country.


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