Automated Buildings’ Ken Sinclair’s September Smarter Sustainability — Decarbonization & Electrification Themes

"My journey's goal is to achieve improved Sustainability for all." Ken Sinclair, owner/editor Automated Buildings

Ken gets very specific: “Our Smarter Sustainability journey refocuses our Industry Purpose and Why, while presenting an amazing opportunity for us to express to the world how we can make a difference and lead the transformation.  The biggest takeaway is that we, as individuals and even companies have very little control over our collective carbon footprint.  Government really matters. The system or group of people governing an organized community.”

More Great September Articles

A Practical Guide to Deep Carbon Reduction Retrofits
Brad White, P.Eng, MASc, President, SES Consulting Inc.  In-depth understanding of building operations offers a path forward.

A Digital Twin World  – Understood by All
Nicolas Waern  “The Building Whisperer”  Do companies understand where they want to be?

Using the Monday Live – Open Source Stack Tool

Thermostat Connection Using BACnet/IP Over a Wi-Fi Connection. 
Wireless effortless integration into BACnet/IP networks

BACnet Controller Solution for Intelligent Indoor Climate Control.  The unit includes a self-learning program

Electrification the move towards decarbonization.  Critical aspect that can help to manage the global greenhouse gas

Best Practices in IOT for Green Building Management, Laura Miller

  Indoor Air & Environment Quality Sensors Utilizing LoRaWAN®

“The Building Book of Digital Transformation.”
evolving ONLINE with Connected Contractor
Presents a pictorial overview of the topics we need to talk about

From Y2K to 2021
Click on 3D for a fly over – a blur of our past 22 years


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