It’s time to shake that Innovation Tree! The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles

Get ready for something really big!  The nominations for the first Control Trends Awards are just a few weeks away.  In this issue of the Sarah Connor Control Chronicles, I want you to catch the excitement.  Remember that I have seen the future, and so I know that January 2013 in Dallas marks a huge first in our industry.  The winners of these prestigious awards are poised to change the future of energy efficiency!  My friend Clint with the “Good, Bad, and Ugly” said it best.  Innovative products, no matter how great they are, can literally die on the vine without the recognition that they deserve.

It’s time to go out and shake the trees.  Don’t just pick the low-hanging fruit because it is easy and within reach!  Let’s find those products and those manufacturers that are taking innovation to a whole new level.  Who is thinking outside the box?  Who is creating a solution to a future problem that we can only imagine at this point in time? These products are out there, and we need to recognize them for the excellent energy-saving solutions that they offer.

Okay, so take a deep breath, and imagine that you are like me, Sarah Connor, and you KNOW what the future holds.  Imagine this controls industry five or ten or even more years in the future.  There are products that the future controls industry just can’t do without.  It’s time to shine the spotlight on the best in each category now, because without recognition, even the best ideas may not get the exposure that they need to make their mark. Some products worthy of a CTA take technology to a whole new level.  Other products are repurposed technology now used as a solution to a whole new problem.  Perhaps your favorite product offers new affordability so that saving energy doesn’t require a hefty capital investment.  New technology, new purpose, or new affordability… these products worth of the first Control Trends Awards are earning their place in history.

When it comes to making successful and innovative products, Steven Jobs of Apple, Inc. said it well.  “To turn really interesting ideas and fledgling technologies into a company that can continue to innovate for years, it requires a lot of disciplines.”  Given the dire need for a more energy-efficient planet, the demand is there now and will only continue to grow.  But interesting ideas and fledgling technology will only succeed to fill this niche if the companies continue to innovate.  With our recognition, innovation gets the spotlight it deserves.

So you say, “How can I be a part of this?” Believe it or not, you are the eyes and ears of the Controls Industry.  You shake the tree where the newest and most innovative solutions are just starting to ripen. When January 2013 rolls around, you may have been the one that nominated a Control Trends Award category winner. If you have not registered to be a member of the Control Trends Academy click here and get involved before it is too late.

Become part of history!  Because I have seen the future, I can honestly say that I know this depends upon you.  Start thinking today about the newest products that are poised to save our tomorrow!


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