EasyIO’s Education & Training Announcement and Advanced Class Training Schedule

Education & Training: Before you purchase any product from EasyIO from an authorized partner, you must complete our CPT training. You may find upcoming training classes here or contact an authorized partner. You may also familiarize yourself with our online CPT training videos on this page. If you are new to HVAC and controls technology, the BEST program is a collaboration of nationwide colleges that provide beginning to advanced training and other resources.

2018 Advanced Class
Prerequisites: Students must have completed CPT Training
Class Duration: 8:30AM to 5:30PM
Materials: Laptop with CPT loaded, FS-32 Controller
This is an advanced class. Class size is limited.

Dates and Locations
September 17 – Philadelphia at Broudy Precision
September 18 – Nashville, at ControlCo
September 19 – Madison Heights, MI at Cochrane Supply
October 29 – Weymouth, MA at Control Consultants, Inc
November TBD – Bay Area
November TBD – Bay Area

Class Schedule
Best Practices to keep applications working efficiently – 1.5 Hours
Learning Objectives
* Creating logic to track available memory
* Creating folders to isolate logic
* Using NTP to sync time
* Measuring limits in BACnet Devices Client and Point Count Client / Server, Modbus Device Count and Point Count Master/Slave, P2P points, Max Schedules, Max Web Client Connections, device backups

Taking a deep dive into SQL databases – 2 Hours
Learning objectives
* Setup data sources in CPT
* Building widgets
* Other Data Sources
* Using Adaptor Widget from Dashboard

Product Overview – 1 Hour (during a working lunch)
* FS32
* FT
* Product Roadmap

Using the Email Service – 30 minutes
Learning Objectives
* Setup Email Service
* Sending Emails with Alarms
* Attaching history in email

Developing custom Kits in CPT – 2 Hours
Learning Objectives
* How to use the develop kit function in CPT
* Creating a Sedona kit
* Build a Manifest file
* Built a Sedona object
* Compile Kits
* Loading new Kits into controller

Developing Graphics – 1.5 hours
* Learning Objectives
* Creating graphics for application, monitoring, reporting
* Creating one graphic and using for multiple integrated controllers.
* Create your own widget utilizing the adapter Widget (multiple examples)

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  1. Not sure that I understand why they are forcing this (must have training) on people who want to purchase a controller but I’m glad I stocked up on EasyIO’s this summer.

    I am now teaching Sedona in our building automation program using the EasyIO FG+ 32 and a BASPi on a Raspberry Pi.

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