2015 Honeywell Momentum: Larry Andriunas ” The Controls Guy..Control Guy”

If you did not make the 2015 Honeywell Momentum event, no worries, our Rob Allen gives you the 411 on what’s Industry Giant is doing in Building Automation and Smart Building Controls. In this video Rob catch up with Larry Andriunas. Larry, in addition to doing a phenomenal job as the MC at this years event, is the Director of Commercial Sales at Honeywell. He is responsible for sales of Honeywell’s commercial portfolio within the ECC (Environmental Combustion and Controls) division.

Larry is the “controls guy ( girl) Control guy”! He grew up in the business working as a contractor, pulling wire, programming controllers, and trouble shooting control systems. He knows what it is like to be on a problem job with a customer breathing down your neck, and being put on hold by customer support for a hour. Because of his contractor experience, Larry gets it! He helps Honeywell create great products and a great customer experience. Larry gives Rob the skinny on N4 and the new Honeywell light commercial product offering.Stay tuned to Controtrends for more Control News You can use.


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