Jackson Control receives TOP HVAC Consulting/Service Companies 2020 Award — Construction Tech Review

"We excel as the 'controls advisor' aiding clients in optimizing their sustainability strategy which sets the base for efficient, healthy, and secure buildings." Greg Ericksen, Owner & Chairman, Jackson Control

Today, building owners are under tremendous stress owing to a consistent rise in: regulatory pressure for sustainable buildings, emergency situations, and maintenance costs. And the advent of COVID-19 has opened a new frontline for the owners as they are caught unprepared to handle the deadly disease that can transmit through the air. Although they are striving to redefine their sustainable operations and maintenance practices to align with today’s critical health, efficiency, and security needs, they lack the knowledge and experience to make the right decisions. How do you employ the right combination of the latest technologies and best practices to achieve peace of mind?

Enter Jackson Control, a high value-add building technologies distributor that provides best-in-class products, design solutions, training, technical knowledge, and support services to help building owners develop and sustain healthy, efficient, and secure building environments. As a total building technology partner, Jackson caters to the comprehensive building automation and security needs. “With a range of cutting-edge technologies and client-centric professional services, we excel as the ‘controls advisors’ aiding clients in optimizing their sustainability strategy which sets the base for efficient, healthy, and secure buildings,” says Greg Ericksen, Owner & Chairman, Jackson.

This journey begins with the standardization of the technologies that its clients are using for advanced diagnostics and smart maintenance. With a streamlined inventory of technologies and an effective standardization plan, clients can better manage and monitor their every building. “This approach helps clients save time and resources on managing multiple platforms,” says Ericksen. “While we work on one building at a time and prioritize tasks based on the clients’ needs, we can collaborate with their contractors, too, during this optimization journey.” Post standardization, Jackson gives clients remote access to technology solutions that they can use for building maintenance. The solutions are designed to accommodate future upgrades for greater ROI.

In the wake of heightened focus on healthy buildings post COVID-19, Jackson has invested heavily in building a new portfolio of solutions for cleaner air inside buildings. “The adoption of ionization technology, which can counter airborne infections, is gathering steam quickly across the US. Another technique, UV lighting, is also being used for its ability to tackle surface infections. As a specialized distributor, Jackson has a history of serving the medical office building space. Having a clear understanding of the nuances of these buildings, the company is in an advantageous position to cater to their current and future needs.

On the security front, Jackson provides a wide array of solutions ranging from access control to video surveillance to high-end technologies such as thermal cameras. These cameras are also being employed as a healthcare feature due to their ability to single out people with high temperature and mitigate the spread of COVID-19.

Jackson’s collaboration with a race car manufacturer stands as a testimony to its abilities in providing the bestin-class and secure building technology solutions. The manufacturing facility was being utilized for conducting business meetings and developing state-of-the art racing machines. As a result, it was imperative to ensure that their plans and designs remain confidential and secure from the prying eyes of outsiders. Jackson employed an open and integrated Honeywell system that incorporated HVAC temperature controls, electric metering, and lighting controls into the Niagara framework. The integrated solution was able to cordon off a specific section of the plant during site visiting times, thereby keeping the secrets safe. Additionally, due to the unusual timings of truck drivers and employees, their access system allowed the personnel to go about their duties without triggering the alarm.

For the future, Jackson is looking forward to broadening its security offerings for emergency events and other unknown threats that may erupt any time in the future


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