New Lynxspring Edge-to-Enterprise Business Initiatives Announced at the 2017 Lynxspring Exchange and Technology Showcase

Lynxspring, Inc., a premier developer and provider of open, IP solutions for building automation, energy management, IoT, equipment control and device-to-enterprise integration, made several new announcements today at the 2017 Lynxspring Exchange and Technology Showcase Conference being held October 1st – 3rd at the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa at Gainey Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In keeping with their Edge-to-Enterprise business initiatives, Lynxspring announced the following:

JENEsys® Edge™

For its JENEsys Edge product line, the company revealed a new Niagara 4 version of the highly successful JENEsys Edge 534 AX, a fully programmable Niagara controller with 34 IO built-in and expandable IO. Anticipated market release is November.

The company showed their JENEsys Edge 534, a Niagara AX version Controller with SkyFoundry’s SkySpark® Everywhere distributed informatics architecture embedded in the unit. This puts SkySpark® Analytics right at the “edge”, allowing users to analyze important data at the edge and gather real-time intelligence.

Related to SkySpark® Everywhere, Lynxspring revealed an embedded SkySpark® Everywhere device which provides the capability to run SkySpark® Analytics at the edge and send SkySpark data to the enterprise.

Onyxx® Platform

Lynxspring announced the addition of the Onyxx 34IO-B, a BACnet IO Expansion Module designed specifically for JENEsys Edge Controllers, JENEsys PC8000 Controllers and JACE® 8000 Controllers. Market availability is expected by the end of the year.

In addition, the company demonstrated their latest Onyxx Hub and Wireless Bluetooth Current Transducers (WCTs), capable of monitoring the RMS current usage through a 4 AWG to 12 AWG wire. Release date is planned for early 2018.

Lynxspring also shared a new concept called the Onyxx Application Independent Platform (OAIP). Leveraging open and internet standards, OAIP is an extensible hardware platform that supports the rapid portability and customization of software and IoT applications to meet the specific needs of today’s connectivity, data access and exchange requirements. Once released, OAIP will include a hardware development kit (HDK) and software development kit (SDK).

The company also announced that it is expanding its wireless capabilities for its Onyxx platform with further support and expansion of Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and upgrading their Onyxx Cellular Router to 4G.


Lynxspring announced they have entered into an OEM relationship with SkyFoundry. Lynxspring will embed the SkySpark® Everywhere distributed informatics into their JENEsys Edge and Onyxx products, supporting analytics at the “edge”. Lynxspring is will become an Authorized SkySpark® Trainer.

Lynxspring eStore

Executives announced that the Lynxspring eStore has added several new enhancements, making it easier to use and navigate and also expanded the site with the addition of new products.

“These announcements are in-line with our established Edge-to-Enterprise business strategy and continues our endeavor to develop and bring to market advanced technology and solutions that deliver a smart and connected future to the building industry,” said Terry Swope, President & CEO of Lynxspring. “They also demonstrate our commitment to industry partner collaboration and development”.

“These initiatives combine our technological strengths and input from our ecosystem of customers and solutions providers to bring new forms of value,” added Marc Petock, Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Marketing at Lynxspring. “We are enabling new solutions with the flexibility to empower building owners and operators to unlock efficiencies in their facilities, increase manageability and drive performance.”

More information about Lynxspring technology, products and services is available at:

About Lynxspring, Inc.

Embracing open software and hardware platforms, Lynxspring develops, manufactures and distributes innovative edge-to-enterprise solutions and technology for today’s intelligent buildings, energy management, equipment control and specialty machine-to-machine and IoT applications. Lynxspring’s technologies and products simplify connectivity, integration, interoperability and data accuracy and exchange from the edge to the enterprise. For more information about Lynxspring, visit

Media Contact:
Marc Petock
Chief Communications Officer and Vice President, Marketing
Lynxspring, Inc.


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