October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month.   Provided by Marc Petock, Vice President, Marketing  Lynxspring, Inc.

This year’s theme is “Our Shared Responsibility,” which all of us in the building and energy management industry –whether you are a technology provider, a system integrator, service provider, IT professional, building owner, in facility management, cyber related issues play an increasing threat within our building and energy management networks.

Cyber security is a shared responsibility among all of us—shared between technology providers, system integrators and end users. Technology providers should take every step to increase the security quality and reduce the attack surface as much as possible. When an incident is discovered, they need to inform their customers, address the issue quickly and comprehensively. Also, incorporate cyber security practices related to their technology into their training and deployment practices. For system integrators discuss the importance of cyber security with the end user; be proactive about it; automatically include as part of the solution you design and deploy and ensure that the security capabilities of all system components are used and configured properly. And end users demand and insist on cyber threat protection. Make sure your overall building operating and energy management systems are adequately protected.



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