Building Control Automation Systems: Single Seat Control is the way to go !

With the advent of Tridium, Honeywell WEBS AX, open protocals like BACNET and LON building owners have choices that were not available before.
In this excerpt from an interview with Honeywell’s Roger Rebennack, see how Honeywell has taken building automation controls to a whole new level. Honeywell has opened up their Access and Security products so

integrating into the building automation control system front end is easy. Instead of having a seperate computer and/or software program controlling each building control system, the new Honeywell WEBS AX solution allows all the building control systems, HVAC, lighting, access and security to communicate via one software package giving the building owner true “single seat”control.”
To learn more about open systems and “single seat control”, contact a control pro at Stromquist & Company if you are located in Georgia or Florida. You can also contact one of our affiliates at Controls Group North America if you are in another part of the country.
You might also want to check out the interview with Roger on Stromquist Radio, and stay tuned for more excerpts from his interview on Control Talk.
Are you a systems integrator? If so we want to hear from you in our comments section. Tell our world wide viewers at Controltrends about your experiences with open systems and controls integration. You never know who will find you on Controltrends.


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  1. HI the tridum is briliant would to learn more on your training programs the web ax is brilliant and i would to see stromquist make an interactive course using the jace or the easy io controller i would like to see a basic programming course control trend and lastly Eric when are coming to London ?.

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