Episode 339 ControlTalk NOW features Industry Experts: Brian Marini of Twisted Pair Automation and Siemens’ Jon Lester

Brian Marini and Jon Lester join us on ControlTalk NOW 339

System Integrator, Brian Marini, of Twisted Pair Automation Weighs in on EasyIO's Value Proposition

Twisted Pair Automation’s Brian Marini is a veteran systems integrator with lots of field experience.  Listen in as Brian shares some of his experience and insights into several challenging applications where the flexibility of the EasyIO product portfolio allowed him to win the business and customize the solution to exceed customer expectations.

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Contemporary Controls' BASrouter 3.0 With Diagnostics Proves Popular!

Contemporary Controls Announces New Products, Training Materials, and Events. In evidence at this year’s BACnet International Plugfest were many vendors utilizing the Contemporary Controls BASrouter 3.0 as the interface between the BACnet products they were testing and BACnet/IP. The BASrouter provides the connection between the IP and MS/TP networks, allowing vendors to verify that they can communicate successfully with devices on MS/TP.  Read more

Global Control 5 Advanced Building Automation Solutions Based on the Global Niagara Framework® Standard

Global Control 5 designs and manufactures Intelligent Automation Management Systems (iSMA). ISMA offerconsists of software, DDC controllers, fan-coil room controllers, I / O modules and peripherals such as sensors, relays, etc. Our products are manufactured in Poland and sold with great success in the world.  Read more!

HVAC Tech School: The Easy Way to Convert 0-135 ohms to 4-20 mA

get act sensors at
What is the easiest way to convert 0-135 ohm signals to 4-20ma signals?

One of the most common questions we receive  at Stromquist & Company  is how to convert zero to 135 ohms signal into a 4 to 20 milliamp signal. Think about how many times you have been in the field and your control signals don’t match.  Read more!

CyberPower Systems Delivers Power Protection at the Edge! UPS Systems, Battery Backup, PDUs, USB Surge Protection and More!

CyberPower manufactures professional-grade power protection equipment. These proven, trusted power management solutions meet the most critical requirements of home offices, small-to-medium businesses, corporate offices, healthcare, government, and education facilities. Find the right Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for your connected devices. 

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