J2 Innovations: Exciting New Marketing Tools and Support for FIN Stack Partners

Our company was built on creating strong partnerships with BAS distributors and OEM partners in the North American market. In fact, many of the distributors who carry the FIN Stack brand have been with us since the beginning. As we continue to grow and expand, we are excited to announce a new set of marketing resources we’ve developed to help Distributors with sales.

‘FIN Distributor Download’ Newsletter

We are getting ready to launch the first of many regular email newsletters sent to our distribution partners that will include product updates and news, as well as tips and tricks to help them promote the brand.

Brand Kit

We’ve put together a brand kit with guidelines and content so that marketing FIN Stack online is easy to do. The brand kit has logo, product descriptions, and other digital assets designed to make talking about FIN Stack easy to do. Our social media content is also always available for use and we have developed a video that makes selling FIN easy.


Branded webpage

J2 Innovations has a dedicated web page for distributors and also offers each partner their own web page hosted on our site that can be customised to your brand and needs. This saves you needing to update your own website with information. All you have to do is link to your page.

FIN Stack Webpage

Distributor Training

We are passionate about training and want everyone who uses our technology to be successful. We offer a number of training options to our distributors. Take FIN for a Spin is a  no-cost event to try out the software for yourself through a series of hands-on labs. FIN 5 Technicians Training provides the knowledge and skills for application engineers to configure a project from start to finish. And coming soon, FIN 5 Advanced Training moves beyond the basics to teach the use of power tools that can help you be even more efficient on your next job. All of these courses are now available online through FINstitute

For any queries, requests or clarifications please contact the training department directly at

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