KMC’s Complete Building Control Solutions are the Best on the Market: Open, Secure, Scalable, and Easy

We’re the Experts. For nearly 50 years, KMC has provided state-of-the-art building automation and control solutions to a global network of system integrators and distributors. Our products are controlling buildings of all sizes and types all around the world, including the most sustainable office building in North America.

KMC Controls is committed to open, secure, scalable, and most importantly, easy building automation solutions.
* Open allows you unprecedented access to your system and puts you in control of choosing your service provider.
* Secure via partnership with Intel, providing on-chip IoT security.
* Scalable means you can add to your system as needed, no need to tear out existing components.
* Easy – we provide you the information and control that you need, when and where you need it.
If you are interested in becoming a KMC representative, or in finding out more about our powerful solutions for integrators, start a conversation with us today!

KMC is a different kind of controls company. Here’s why we’re the experts:

* Founded in 1969 as a pneumatic controls company
* Expanded to electronic controls in the 1980s
* Added proprietary digital controls and software in the 1990s
* Launched BACnet® open-protocol line of digital controllers and software in 2000s
* Introduced award-winning BACnet products, including: FlexStat™ in 2010, AppStat™ in 2012, and SimplyVAV™ in 2014
* Released KMC Conquest™ BACnet platform in 2015 featuring:
* KMC Converge™ Niagara® application and KMC Converge GFX™ graphics package
* KMC Connect™ PC-based configuration utility
* KMC Connect Lite™ mobile-based NFC configuration application
* Opened new market category for Internet of Things appliances with KMC Commander™ based on open architecture with Intel® and Dell OEM


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