Introducing ControlTrends Awards Nominee: Roger Rebennack

Honeywell’s Roger Rebennack was nominated by the Control Trends Academy for two ControlTrends Awards. Roger is a finalist for the 2012 Best Support person and the prestigious PID ( Passion, Integrity, and Dedication) Award.

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3 Responses

  1. I have known and worked with Roger Rebennack for about 25 years and those of you who know him, should know that is a long time to listen to him talk about how great his products area and that he has every part needed fix anything on earth. All kidding aside, Roger is the epitome of the most passionate and most knowledgeable person in this industry. I have never met anyone that I know who could sell snow balls to Eskimo, knows how the snow balls are formed, the natural materials used in making the snow balls, and why a certain aerodynamic size and shape are best suited for winning the snow ball fight. Roger is probably the only person I know who could also brand that snow ball and move that brand more passionately than anyone in the business.

    There is no other person who could come close to Roger in either of the categories. The Heisman may have “Johnny Football”, but the controls industry has “Rogie the Control Freak”

  2. I am an instructor at Fresno City College and we offer a class in Building Automation. Our local Controlco and Honeywell Sales Representative (Kevin Keeling and Michael Lawing) brought Roger to our campus to introduce Roger to us. While at the meeting, Roger took the initiative to review our program and immediately went to work to improve our lab equipment. Roger laid out a plan to revise our lab and provided additional information to replace and update our Access Control and Intrusion Equipment.

    Roger met with his team in Minneapolis and convinced them to support our program. Because of his support, hard work and foresight we now have a world class facility that also includes IP Security Cameras and new DVRs for each of our 10 lab stations. Our students are able to obtain hands on experience and be a real benefit to their future employers once they leave our program. They also become fans of the equipment offered by Controlco/Honeywell.

    Many vendors offer to help, but that help is often minimal or progresses at a snail’s pace. With Roger, it was “Hold onto your hat.” He did what he said he and the project was completed on target. Roger is one in a million and we are grateful for his support, expertise and the additional learning opportunities provided to our students.

    Bruce A. Miller
    Electronics Instructor – Applied Technology
    Fresno City College
    1101 E. University Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93741
    Phone: (559) 442-4600 ext. 8517
    Fax: (559) 498-8350

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