ControlTrends Awards Highlight: The 2013 Building Application of The Year

Congratulations to DG Logik for winning the 2013 Building Application of the Year. DG Logik’s graphics and analytics package, DG Lux, is used by building automation controls professionals and end users across the globe.

DGLogik, Inc., provides innovative IoT software solutions that enable and visualize the (IoT) Internet of Things. DGLogik products illustrate the internet of things by allowing users to easily interact data from diverse IoT devices and building automation controls devices that allow owners to better manage cost and energy efficiency.

If you want to make your building smarter it starts with the right visualization and data management tool.Using customizable applications and big data dashboards, DGLogik delievers a package that allows users an elegant, affordable way to manage, measure, control and analyze big data from any IoT device anytime, anywhere.


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