Check Out Project Assist for DGLux5! DGLogik Training Summit, January, 2015

DGLux5AppIcon Project Assist for DGLux5: If you didn’t get a chance to experience the latest modern development environment of Project Assist, Check It Out Now! Download the latest version both DGLux5 and Project Assist by logging into your account through our website and checking out the “Downloads” section. DGLux5 is the most mature and sophisticated IoT Application Platform that easily enables the unification of all your data systems and multiple data providers into a singular interface with the most comprehensive functionalities, data visualization tools, and workflows available.

NEW! Introducing Project Assist for DGLux5 from DGLogik, Inc. on Vimeo.

PA_dglux5_imageReview of Project Assist from Brad Royal, Building System Solutions: “I can say that we have never finished our graphics as quickly and easily as we have on our last two projects using the new Project Assist in DGLux5. I would say it cut our development time in half…it is very intuitive to use, you do not have to be a DGLux5 expert to dive right in and start building out your system graphics.”

dguniversityJanuary 14-16, 2015 in Oakland, CA. DGLogik, Inc. will be kicking off the new year with a 3-day, training course! This course will provide a fundamental understanding of the basic principles, concepts and knowledge necessary to develop and support powerful applications using the enhanced DGLux5! Please reserve your seat as soon as possible. Register Now –Seating is limited!

dgLogik5LEARN THE LATEST WORKFLOWS, SHORTCUTS & TIPS OF THE NEW DGLux5. DGLux5 Introductory Training is a 3-day, instructor-led course that provides lectures, exercises and hands-on labs designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the basic principles, concepts and knowledge necessary to develop and support applications using DGLux5. The focus of this course is to illustrate how to use the new DGLux5 design tools and functionality so that you can begin building applications on your own. We ensure that you walk away with shortcuts, tips, best practices and advanced knowledge of DGLux. By the end of your training, you will be both creative and efficient in engineering cutting-edge user experiences.


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