Orlando Customer Appreciation Day

Ok, it’s Thursday morning at 5:00a.m. I am in my trusty pickum’ up truck leaving my homebase in Jacksonville, Florida to attend the WORLD REKNOWN CUSTOMER APPRECIATION Day at Stromquist and Company Orlando on Friday 5/18/2012.


Computer..Check, Camera..Check, Phone..Check, Clothes..Check….geeze why am I running a check list driving south on I-95 in the dark? Oh well………………..


The Atlanta crew consisting of Eric, Stacie, Stephanie, Britt will be flying into Orland a little later today to help with the festivities.


What do we have planned for you? Fun, Prizes, Music, and Games and PLEASE DON”T FORGET FOOD !!!!! There will be basketball, golf, and a MONEY Machine (GRAB THOSE BILLS). We wanted a dunking pool but Eric nixed that idea…WONDER WHY?


Doors will be open for the EVENT from 11:00-2:00 for your entertainment.


I want to invite ALL who can make it to come on in to the Orlando branch of Stromquist and Company ALL of us are looking forward to meeting ALL of you. You will finally be able to put a face to that voice you have been talking to for years!!!!


It’s about fun, relaxation, and above all APPRECIATION…. Come on in and let us show you again….YOU ARE APPRECIATED !!!!!


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