Niagara Tridium Summit 2010

Every two years Tridium, the pioneers of open systems, has a meeting that brings all the vendors of open products together to show all the incredible products that can now communicate via the Niagara software. Every summit I am amazed at how quickly controls and equipment are able to integrate and share information via the same web-based network.

Imagine a convenience store that integrates the HVAC controls, fuel tank monitoring, security, oven management, lighting control, freezer and cooler control and monitoring, and grease trap monitoring.  It has been done! And you can monitor and control it all from the web.

The  new products and applications blow me away — everything from the beautiful energy monitoring software, ProphetSuite, to the innovative new  sedona framework wireless technology of Pervasive Devices, to the network devices of Contemporary Controls and Easy I/O, to energy meters from Onicon and E-Mon, to open controllers from Honeywell, Veris, and Viconics, to the lighting controls of WattStopper — all communicating on the Niagara open framework and all available through Stromquist & Company.

I hope to see you at the 2012 Summit !


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  1. Hi Eric Find your training very good .Over thought about bringing training to England we need Companies like yours to help sharpen our industry .Please reply thank you interested in hearing your veiws

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Thanks for your kind comments !! Unfortunately we have no plans to go to England anytime soon. Please feel free to email me and we can discuss I can be reached at
    Thanks again

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