Flame Safeguard Schools HUGE SUCCESS !!

Last week the Stromquist “Blitz of Flame Safeguard Schools” began. Classes were scheduled in Tallahassee, Florida, Albany, Georgia, and Valdosta, Georgia.

Heading up the blitz was Danny Kilgore of Stromquist and Company and Dave Krause of Honeywell. Attendees included folks from BASF Corp., M&M Mars Corp., colleges, contractors, Georgia Department of Corrections, and several other firms that deal with flame safe guard controls.

After introductions and a brief history of Honeywell, Dave Krause quickly zoomed in on the needs of the folks in attendance. One quote from the class was very telling on how the class would go… ”I have never attended a class that so quickly addressed my needs and kept me listening.”

Dave is the man!!

Dave also took the time to explain the new regulations that are forth coming in the industry like the ban on mercury based products that is spreading rapidly across the country. The idea being the old adage of, “You can replace it now or you can pay a whole lot of people to replace it later”, go ahead and replace the old control before laws are in place that will possibly mandate others to be involved in the replacement, making the costs skyrocket.

The FSG Training Blitz moves next further south into Jacksonville, Orlando, and Tampa Florida areas. Sign up now and become part of the BLITZ…


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