HVAC Controls training classes at Stromquist & Company have gone international !!

Although we have had students travel from different parts of the United States to attend one of teh HVAC training classes at Stromquist & Company we never expected to have an international attendee. We were very excited this week to welcome our first international student!  Spencer MacDonald from Carrier Canada came all the way from British Columbia, Canada, to join our Chiller Workshop.  He learned about the class and registered for it right here on Control Trends, and we are thrilled to know that we are reaching people this far away from Atlanta.  Spencer told us that it is very difficult to find training in his area, so he was happy to find out about our classes and was more than willing to travel the great distance to attend. 

So was it worth the trip? “Yes, indeed.” Spencer told us.  He feels the class was very worthwhile and really learned a lot from Tim Chamblee, the instructor.  He also enjoyed spending a couple of days in Atlanta, sightseeing and enjoying our warmer climate! 

We were very pleased to find out that Spencer plans to join us again next April for our Pneumatics and VAV classes as well.  On his  return trip he wants to bring his wife to enjoy our fair city with him.  We look forward to welcoming him back and welcoming his wife to Atlanta!  If you would like to join Spencer in our Spring classes, click on the Training tab above.


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