The Worlds of Big Data, Cloud Services, and Infographics According to Bitpool: A Cloud Data Collection Platform for All

ControlTrends serves as a valuable pivot site for our industry’s trends, whether they’re leading products, solutions, software and products updates and releases, web-meetings, seminars, as well as industry insights — many of them global in origin. This industry insight is from Rav Panchalingam, a self-declared software geek from Australia. Rav uses an interesting hamburger analogy to comment on some of the biggest trends unfolding in 2014: The worlds of big data, cloud services, and infographics, as viewed from the land down under. Rav and Bitpool seem to know where the beef is and how to get it… (and the disruption continues).

For the complete article by Bitpool’s Rav Panchalingam, Director of Research & Development, please use this link to the January 2014

Excerpted: Connecting commercial buildings into the cloud is still something which must be championed by ambitious and technically savvy people who are acting in the interest of the building owner – mainly consultants or switched-on real estate managers, who have a good grasp of what they want to use the software tools for. There are definitely some very good software packages in the market right now, but they are selling themselves as exactly that, a one-size-fits-all package. Once you buy in, you’re seemingly locked in, which is ironic since the software world is supposed to be all about freedom of choice.

So we have some companies with great cloud-based energy management packages (burgers), but you’re pushed to buy all the sides and extras that come along with it, whether they are useful to you or not. Some people just like very plain and simply want to get their data into the cloud. They have their own analysis tools, gizmos and contraptions to get what they want from the data after that.

Bitpool ( is a cloud data collection platform. As a platform, it’s key feature is simply to provide the infrastructure for people to start pushing HVAC and any other building data into the cloud. The API developed around it allows people to build connectors for uploading from equipment or systems and retrieving data for use in applications.

Published on Oct 13, 2012 Bitpool is a cloud-based data collection service specifically designed for use in the Building Controls industry. It can be used with a variety of protocols, including BACnet and Modbus as well as with multiple BMS vendors, such as Schneider Electric and Johnson Controls.


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