Thanks Roger for all you do to make the world of building automation controls better !

Roger Rebennack is a great guy. He is the Honeywell Security Webs AX guru, and has generously given his time to help make videos for the Controltrends community.He has always been the “go to, can do person”, he has bailed us and our contractors out of many situations. Roger has never run away from a problem or left a customer in a bad spot. He is one of the good guys in our industry. His passion and energy have dubbed him the nickname “The most exciting man in the Controls Industry.” When I saw this email and picture of his daughter Haley on her horse I had to post it. What better way to show your appreciation for someone than to support one of their children’s events. Controltrends and Stromquist will be sending a contribution and if you feel so inclined click here for details on how to help Haley.

Here is the text from Haley’s email:

My dad is Roger Rebennack and I have been riding and showing horses for the past 8 years. I lease a horse named Raisen, she is a beautiful bay mare. Thanks to my parents I am able to have this wonderful opportunity to ride and show. My 4H club The Indy Riders is a non-profit organization so I am looking for donations for our Marion County Fair June 22-27 2012. Donations help us to provide our fair booklet, signage, ribbons, prizes, horse treats, office supplies and basically anything else we may need to have a great show. Any donation will be greatly appreciated and if you are in the area please come and see our club during the fair.

I have attached the donation form along with a photo of me and my Raisen!

Thank you so much,
Haley Rebennack


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  1. Eric,

    Congratulations on being such a community leader and bringing so many good things to our attention! Good luck to Miss Rebennack in all her efforts. Wow, I’ll bet her folks are so proud of her!

    And speaking of Roger Rebennack, who I hear may be joining the Avengers, if they can get the numbers right, you have foretold the topic of an upcoming blog recognizing more of the champions of our industry, which will include the mention of many more stalwart luminaries and invite participation from the Controltrend readership.

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