Honeywell Releases Rapid Eye Driver: Camera catches mysterious Secret Handshake

Honeywell released it’s new Rapid Eye Driver today. This Honeywell- Tridium software tool allows integrators to easily incorporate digital video surveillance capabilities into larger building control systems.
in this video you can see unintended consequences as the Honeywell Rapid Eye video camera catches Honeywell building automation controls specialists greeting each other with what appears to be a version of the HVAC brotherhoods second secret handshake.

Roger Rebennack, Honeywell Webs Security AX guru, know as “the most exciting man in the controls industry“, the man that Dos Equis modeled “the most interesting man in the world” adds on, categorically denied any knowledge of a Honeywell Secret handshake on the HVAC controls show Control Talk.

Yet he was caught on camera by a Honeywell Rapid Eye video camera doing what appeared to be a secret handshake.

Confronted with the video, Mr. Rebennack at first claimed that it was not him doing the secret handshake. When it was point out that the video was filmed using a Honeywell Rapid eye video camera, Mr. Rebennack could not refute the authenticity due to the high quality and reliability of the Honeywell Rapid eye cameras. “What can I say, the Rapid Eye is the best camera in the world. The Rapid Eye Don’t Lie”

The fact that Honeywell Rapid eye cameras are now available through authorized Honeywell building automation controls distributors like Stromquist & Company is besides the point.

Mr.Rebennack has stepped forward, acknowledging that their is a brotherhood of HVAC controls specialists, the highest order being the group known as “Honeywell WEBS AX security specialist ” and that a Honeywell secret handshake exists.

HW marketing and legal disavow any knowledge of Mr. Rebennack’s handshake behavoirs and connection to any secret handshakes.

There are many in the controls world that hail Mr. Rebennack as a hero for bringing the Honeywell secret handshake out into the open for all to enjoy.

The folks at the DAP APP, the worlds leading authority on ancient secret handshakes have confirmed that the handshake Mr.Rebennack was seen performing is in fact one of the oldest secret handshakes know to man.

They are so impressed with Roger Rebennack that they have renamed this handshake “THE REBENNACK” and voted Roger Rebennack one of the top ten most influencial people in secret handshake history. They are even creating and I phone app that will feature “The Rebennack”.

Controltrends has created a “Roger Rebennack” secret handshake fund, that will offer support to those members of the HVAC controls brotherhood that dare for greatness like Roger and share the HVAC secret handshakes.

Send your photos of HVAC pros doing the “Rebennack handshake” to For every one of your photos we post on ControlTrends, Stromquist & Company will make a donation to the Roger Rebennack Secret HandshakeFund. Best photo wins and IPOD, and one lucky person wins a lunch with Roger Rebennack, “the most exciting man in the controls industry”

In addition to being very fun and entertaining, Roger is one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to access and security and building automation controls. He can show you how to integrate a building automation control systems with the access and security systems, and save building owners tens of thousands of dollars while making their buildings operate more efficiently.

To find out more about what Honeywell WEBS AX can do for you check out my radio interviews with Roger.

Also stay tuned to Controltrends over the next couple of months as I will be posting the real interview with Roger on Control Talk as well as several Roger how to videos on the Honeywell WEBS AX security products.


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  1. this was a fantastic example of why we are loyal to Honeywell WEBs-Ax and the entire Niagara framework through Honeywell.

    Stromquist & Co. in atlanta is leading the way to the path fo innovation and freedom of integrated Open Video graphics built in a simple toolset of development.

    Hats off to Stromquist, WEBs-Ax Security, Rapid Eye Honeywell video and Honeywell our lifetime partner int he controls industry!


  2. Thanks Mark !! Stromquist & Company loves Honeywell products and the great Honeywell contractor partners we work with. Honeywell rocks.
    Follow Roger’s lead send us a photo doing the Rebennack !

  3. I am Roger’s 18 year old son in my 1st semester of college in Indiana. I am studying to be a singer/producer and in the business side of the Music industry. I have been listening to my Dad talk about this new exciting release for the webs ax security for video Rapid Eye integration on the Tridium platform for 2 years now.

    At a very young age I was taught the Honeywell secret handshake before I could walk or talk. My sister Haley once did not get her Ice cream from my dad until she learned the secret handshakwe.
    It’s a good thing he travels all the time all over the country teaching and spreading the gospel on WEBs Security integration cause if he knew I was exposing the secret handsake……well you all know him?

    Let me thank the people at Stromquist and all the Honeywell distributors nation wide for being so kind to my father and helping him sell the webs ax security intgeration. It has given our family a very good life and we are so greatful also, I may need a job someday cause he’s getting old, can’t rememebr our names and has even forgotten the Honeywells secret handshake which remember starts with a “H”.

    so to Eric and all the people out there, continue to buy honeywell WEBs security and the new Honeywell WEBs Video cameras and DVR’s the Rapid Eye rocks…just like my dad!

  4. I must say I was unaware of any secret handshakes… really hurts me to have to find this out this way….I am not sure how to react to this…..:(

  5. Ross and Samia thank you for your comments. How does it feel to be the son and daughter of Roger Rebennack “the most exciting man in the HVAC controls industry ?
    The man who along with his elite team of Honeywell webs ax security distributors like Stromquist & Company in Georgia and Florida and other Honeywell building controls automation distributors and contractors across the country are showing building owners how they can save time and money and make their buildings more green by integrating building automation control systems with the power of the Honeywell Webs Security and the new Honeywell WEBS Rapid Eye products.
    Ross take care of your Dad, Samia, sorry you had to find out this way that your Dad is the James Bond of the HVAC controls world, secret handshake and all.

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