See How the Niagara General Session Wows the Tridium Community!


One word best summarizes the general session that ended in exuberant applause from the standing-room only auditorium: Awesome. The Tridium highlight reel began with Tridium’s Chief Technology Officer John Sublett’s welcome message that spoke of Tridium’s accomplishments really being the results of putting a powerful, open technology in the hands of an open, innovative, and collaborative community. And for clarification purposes, the three pillars of open are Open Connectivity, Open Extensibility, and Open Distribution, which have led to over 400,000 Niagara deployments world-wide.

Nino DiCosmo, President & General Manager, then took the stage, thanked the attendees and the Premier Sponsors: Distech Controls, EasyIO, Pacific Controls and SysMik. Nino wasted no time in delivering Tridium’s State of the Niagara Union to the large and often enthusiastic Niagara Community.

The trends and convergence that are changing every building automation and integration status quo are increasing, demanding newer and better responses — and with the release of Niagara 4, UX, and the Titan controllers, Tridium will meet and exceed these challenges. A few of the new and exciting developments were Tridium’s Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) initiative and how the Niagara Difference will provide unprecedented visibility and management over the Data Center environment and Tridium’s purchase of DataEye, the only native Niagara analytics engine on the market — from Controlco, a long-time Tridium partner.

Pranay Prakash, VP, Product Marketing, introduced by Jenny Graves, VP of Marketing, addressed Big Data, the need for a broader IoT Ecos-system, and how the strong foundation of Niagara AX 3.8 will allow for a smooth pathway to Niagara 4 and the next gen products.

In conclusion, John Sublett reviewed the ecosystems built around the Niagara Framework and reminded the assembly that it is critical to remember that we are all part of larger ecosystems — and staying current with those ecosystems is critical to sustained success. And lastly, innovation is built on the latest technology and if we don’t stay current, there is a possibility that we could get stranded between technologies.

Stay tuned for more ControlTrends 2014 Niagara Summit highlights.


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