Rob Murchison on Intelligent Buildings and IBCON 2013

Thanks to Rob Murchison from Intelligent Buildings for stopping by and talking to us at IBCON 2013. Savvy real estate professionals know that Rob is the “go to guy” when they need to adopt and implement a comprehensive energy management and building controls strategy.

IntelligentBuildings®, LLC is a Smart Real Estate professional services company. They provide planning and implementation management of next generation strategy for new building projects, existing portfolio optimization and smart community development. Additionally, they consult with future-minded solution providers who seek to be more attuned to owner’s next generation strategy, including product development and go to market strategy.

They are a recognized thought leader with numerous industry firsts including consultation on the award winning “Smartest Building in America”, conception and development of a Clinton Global Initiative public private partnership, program management for the largest energy analytics project in the North America and development of national smart building standards for both the US and Canadian federal governments.

They have developed a consistent and a proven technology approach for developing new projects and optimizing existing portfolios that respects the stakeholders and traditional process while not compromising on the realities of today’s building technology and opportunities of the information age.

Intelligent Buildings has worked extensively throughout the US and Canada in over 50 different cities along with selected other international work and market research in The Middle East, Asia and Central America.

Headquartered in Charlotte, NC and with offices in Chicago, Washington, DC and Dallas their firm has advised on some of the world’s most ‘intelligent’ buildings and real-estate projects since 2006.


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  1. Another very important aspect of improving the performance of buildings is the need to consider ventilation and moisture management performance. What good is a building that juses energy intelligently but doesn’t provide a healthy indoor environment. Unfortunately the all too often applied technology of individual wall mounted sensor for carbon dioxide and humidity still lack the needed data quality for achieving this goal of having Smart and Healthy buildings.

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