2012 ControlTrends Awards: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Clint 2The setting at Eddie Deen’s Ranch was amazing – ambitious and creative! It did have the real feel of Hollywood and something special with the lights, cameras, pretty faces, red carpet, walk of fame, interviews, dazzling trophies, and the genuine sense of excitement all converging around one of the most impressive assemblages of HVAC professionals I’ve ever seen, all mingling together with the media moguls. If you missed it, make sure you watch the CTA Awards video, at least once.

The Good: The 2012 CTA Award nominees and award winners certainly have an incredible moment to remember. Congratulations, once again to the nominees and the winners! The participation and dramatic anticipation were genuine. The CTA Awards delivered on its promise to add a very desirable dimension to the HVAC world, and thus begins the HVAC image-upgrade. The future looks bright for the ControlTrends Awards, as several sponsors already requested participation in next year’s event and the cornerstone of the ControlTrends Awards HVAC museum and Hall of Fame were put firmly into place with its first inductee, Werner Buck. The Petock Award, given in honor of its namesake, Marc Petock, in consideration of his extraordinary passion and service rendered to the HVAC industry, will become a coveted annual award.

The Bad: There were a few glitches. It was very loud near the stage. The presentation derailed for a moment, but Marc Petock kept his cool and overcame the audio and video issues and did an amazing job as MC. The thermostat category coulda/shoulda been divided into residential and commercial categories.

The Ugly: A few names were mishandled; but the CTA Awards video on ControlTrends remedied the errors for posterity sake. And, none of the winners made an acceptance speech! All that lost love!

Congratulations to the ControlTrends Awards staff and steering committee on a fantastic event and a job well done! We look forward to many years of continued CTA Award success!


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