Mission Critical Free Seminar: A Comparison of Economizer Technologies for Data Centers

In true synchronistic fashion, after yesterday’s ControlTalk NOW in which we featured Belimo’s ZIP economizer and the potential savings associated with free cooling, we received notice of Mission Critical’s free seminar on the topic of Economizer Technologies for Data Centers, which after reading the webinar synopsis, should provide in-depth presentation into the application and economic considerations, as well as the energy potential savings available using free cooling.

Mission_Critical_LogoA Comparison of Economizer Technologies for Data Centers: Register On-line
Date: Tuesday, February 18 2014
Time: 2:00 PM ET (Convert to your timezone)
Duration: 60 minutes, including LIVE Q&A
Continuing Education: 1.0 PDH Certificate of Completion*

This webinar is intended for data center developers and designers, and presents a comparison of various types of economizers typically used in data center cooling systems. Both energy use and operational issues are discussed, focusing on indoor environmental conditions within ASHRAE Recommended guidelines, typical for enterprise or co-location type data centers. Energy and water usage is calculated and compared for several diverse climatic conditions.

Learning Objectives:
•To help data center developers and designers choose the correct economizer strategy for a particular climate and utility rate structure
•To help attendee better anticipate risks, cost and potential operational issues for all types of economizer systems during actual building operation.
•To help the attendee understand the effect that local climatic conditions have on the energy and water use of each type of economizer
•To guide data center developers and designers to the most efficient and sustainable HVAC solution that fits the particular needs of the data center project


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