Tech Tip: Wiring the Entouch GM8 Energy Monitor

The GM8 monitors total business energy usage along with up to eight branch circuits, and provides energy consumption data wirelessly back to the EnTouch master controller. Multiple devices can be connected to provide additional monitoring points and the system can quickly scale to meet the needs of small and large facilities

Each GM8 features metering grade measurement of three phase input feeds and can support utility panels with voltage ratings from 120V to 480V and current ratings from 200 amps to 2,000 amps. The branch circuits can be configured to support single pole, double pole, and three pole feeds up to 200 amps. The sensor provides information on power quality data such as phase voltages, power factors, and harmonic content.


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  1. More info

    When you power up the GM8 you will see a green blinking light. This means GM8 is broadcasting to the Entouch Device. When the GM8 makes connection with the Entouch Device the green light will go solid.

    CT’s factory wire length 3 FT and you can extend the wire length up to 300 FT by adding wire.

    What is the max distance for Entouch LAN Slave to Master devices? = 150FT
    What is the max distance for Energy Monitor GM8 to an Entouch Slave, Master or WiFi devices? = 200FT to 250FT

  2. Doz, great post! Great presentation of product features and information — and the “how to” install style is clear and very useful. Keep ’em coming!

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