The Best Global Thermostat? Our Friends from Ireland See Climote Control a Bit Differently!

climote-Laptop-Front-View-Copy-300x200Anita Roddy first introduced the Climote in the comments section of The Nest Thermostat, The GOOD, The BAD, and The UGLY — Take Two!

“IRISH company Climote launched a similar product (to the Nest Thermostat) in the European market and is already picking up national awards for their intuitive design and approach to remotely controlling the device. Their proposition is a fully integrated 3 zone controller with built in thermostat, GSM communication, and a full user interface on the device should you decide not to use the remote control. It is fully certified CE approved 220v controller that connects directly to your boiler and is compatible with the majority of system boilers in the EMEA market.”

Climote has a huge network of approved trade installers and seem to be expanding very fast based on their partnerships with some of the huge European utilities with up to 30 million customers.

Control your Climote HUB in three different ways:

When you buy Climote, the Climote HUB will be installed in your home and you can download a free APP to enable you to control it remotely from your Smartphone. Anywhere is truly possible with your iOS or Android smartphone. Setting schedules, boosting your heating and saving energy are just a smartphone-swipe away.

Climote is equally at home with text commands sent direct to the HUB. Easy commands give you total control and you can save them as templates, making managing your home heating easier than ever.

Use Climote CLOUD on the Internet from home, work or abroad to manage your home heating however you choose. You can just click and drag to set up three different on/off periods per day for all the zones of your home heating

Anita, thanks for the insight on thermostats shaping the market in Ireland. We invite the ControlTrends Community to keep the thermostat information and opinons coming!


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  1. Hi,

    do we have other brand use in ireland except this product ?

    I read nest this morning via google who will in invest 3.2$ billion .

    What about tado from Germany ?

    I am curious


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