2020 Thermostat Odyssey: Picking a Smart Thermostat for Stanley Kubrick’s House

ecofactorIn perhaps the most current and comprehensive smart thermostat report to date, Rachel Cericola reviews the next-gen “quasi-stats” now available. The list contains many of the usual suspects, but also includes a few “outside the box and not just a thermostat” thermostats, or “quasi-stats,” that are competing in the smart-stat market — especially aimed at the feature-hungry, up-scale, and smart DIY homeowners. Rachel also provides some good advice to consider before buying a smart thermostat. Source: Electronic House

Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control: Say “hello” to Honeywell’s latest thermostat—literally. This product offers a whole new level of convenience, via the sound of your voice. Just bark out one of the pre-programmed commands, and the thermostat will respond accordingly. For More Information: Honeywell

Nest Learning Thermostat: The Nest pretty much paved the way for the smart thermostat craze, by getting close to its users—and learning exactly how they like to keep those homes heated and cooled. The second-gen Nest is 20 percent slimmer than its predecessor and boasts compatibility with 95 percent of low-voltage residential heating and cooling systems. It also offers two-stage cooling, three-stage heating, and emergency heat for heat pumps, as well as whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers. For More Information: Nest

EcoFactor: Like many of the other entries on this list, EcoFactor is designed to save you a few bucks on your energy bill. It’s especially similar to the Nest, since it can actually learn some of your heating and cooling habits and make adjustments throughout the day. So what makes it a standout? Well, it’s not really a physical product. For More Information: EcoFactor

Trane XL824: Trane currently has two smart thermostats, with two more coming on April 1. One of those newbies is the XL824, which works in conjunction with Nexia Home Intelligence. That basically means that users can remotely access temperature controls, as well as tie the thermostat into other electronic systems in and around the house. It also means that you’ll need to pay the monthly Nexia fee. For More Information: Trane

Allure Energy EverSense: EverSense 2.0 isn’t your typical thermostat. It’s actually more like a tablet, providing access to temperature settings, as well as streaming music, energy-saving video tips, photo viewing, and weather updates. The latest model also has NFC capabilities, so it can be easily paired with the EverSense app and an Android phone. Despite all of the extras, this touchpanel is definitely a thermostat at heart, packing in the company’s patented Proximity Control technology. This perk can actually sense how near or far you are from home and adjust the temperature accordingly. For More Information: Allure Energy

Radio Thermostat CT80: Radio Thermostat has a pair of web-enabled thermostats, with the CT80 being the top-of-the-line model. It works with almost any HVAC system, allowing users to adjust temperatures, change modes, and edit a 7-day program from a variety of web-enabled devices. Other features include control for three stages of heating and two stages of cooling, the True Auto mode, and options to control an external air baffle, humidifier, and/or a dehumidifier. The CT80 doesn’t have a monthly fee, but still offers a 365-day call center if you have any trouble with your setup. For More Information: Radio Thermostat Company of America

Carrier Infinity Touch: It’s just one part of the complete Infinity system, but this thermostat can manage temperatures, humidity, ventilation, airflow and indoor air quality, in up to eight zones. It works with the home’s Wi-Fi network, as well as iOS and Android devices. In the house, there’s an easy-to-use touchscreen, which also offers system diagnostics and info about filter replacement. There are also plenty of features for the energy-conscious, including advanced smart setback, Touch-N-Go program adjustments, energy use tracking and the Greenspeed intelligence system. For More Information: Carrier

Vivint Smart Thermostat: Vivint has one smart thermostat—and it doesn’t like to work alone. It’s actually part of the company’s Energy Management and Home Automation packages. The full home automation package has a one-time $199 installation fee, with a recurring $67.99 monthly charge. The energy package is $149, with a $57.99 monthly fee. Those include all sorts of high-tech home goodies, including the thermostat, which can be triggered via Vivint’s Go!Control Panel touchscreen, a mobile app, or even recessed door sensors. Other features include 7-day programming, an LCD touch screen, and Z-Wave support. For More Information: Vivint

ecobee Smart Si: This Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat offers remote connectivity anytime from anywhere with web access. That means you can tweak the temperature using iOS and Android devices or your computer, all without having to pay any monthly fees. Live weather options allow users to check conditions from the comfort of home, as well as adjust the thermostat based on that info. Other features on this device include a high-res color display, buttons and a click wheel, the option to create vacation events, and alerts for when your HVAC equipment needs service. As an added perk, the company has Home IQ, a free service that allows ecobee users to track monthly savings from a web portal. For More Information: ecobee

Venstar ColorTouch: The ColorTouch is a thermostat that’s almost like a picture frame. That’s because it has the ability to post up to 100 photos or graphics, right on the color touchscreen. If you’re looking to customize other aesthetics, the faceplate is available in white, black, silver and wood grain. Compatible with iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Mac and PC devices, ColorTouch can send alerts and text messages, as well as offer a pictorial display of the current weather and/or weather forecast near to the thermostat’s location. In addition to being compatible with almost every type of heating and air conditioning system, ColorTouch can also be integrated into third-party control systems from Control4 and RTI. For More Information: Venstar

Nuheat Signature: This isn’t your typical thermostat. It’s actually cooler—well, technically, it’s warmer. The Signature is a Wi-Fi-capable thermostat for your radiant floor heating system. Users can tap into temperature settings via iOS and Android devices, as well as any web browser. That way, you can fire up the temperature of the floor before you get home from work or before you get down the stairs. It’s compatible with almost any type of flooring, including tile, stone, laminate and wood. Other features include a 3.5-inch color LCD touchscreen, seven-day programming, and personalized information from The Weather Channel. For More Information: Nuheat


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  1. FYI – No charge for tstats with Nexia. Other sensors require a subscription but tstats do not.

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