Momentum 2013 in Phoenix: Honeywell Hits Grand Slam with Keynote Speakers

Want to make a good conference great? Do what Honeywell did at the 2013 Momentum Event and hire great keynote speakers. Honeywell knocked it out of the park, not once, but twice with based loaded presentations from their two keynote speakers Mark Jewell, who spoke on Monday, and Erik Wahl, who spoke/performed today.

Mark Jewell is the president and founder of EEFG, and the co-founder of the Efficiency Sales Professional Institue in San Francisco. As a recovering sales seminar junkie, I have studied and trained with the best and it has been years since someone has surprised me the way Mark did yesterday with his fresh ideas and new approaches to selling in the building automation and energy controls game. If there is a magic bullet, Mark has it. I’m not going to tell you all that Mark had to say, because you need to track this guy down and learn from him directly.

Thanks to Honeywell, who wisely has contracted with Mark to head up their new Energy and Environmental Optimization (EEO) Program. The opportunity to learn from Mark Jewell is as easy as contacting your local Honeywell Authorized Distributor and signing up for Honeywell’s EEO Certification Program.

Erik Wahl, was a whole different story. This fascinating speaker/performer left us utterly spellbound. A graffiti artist, author, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, Erik is also a master of demonstrating how to use disruption and the absolutely unique concept of “UN Think” to create immediate and profound results. Erik demonstrated adaptation: “Instead of changing how YOU play the GAME, YOU change the way the GAME is played.” I was able to shoot a short video of Erik in action, which in no way does him justice.

Be sure to visit Erik’s website the art of vision or check him out on YouTube and TED Talks. Many thanks to Honeywell for a wonderful event and for introducing us to Mark and Erik.


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