Honeywell JadeTM Economizer Firmware Update

jade_economizer Honeywell is continuously working to improve the Jade economizer controller. We update the firmware when we make significant changes to the product that will enhance the user’s experience. The last version of the Jade firmware was 1.07 released in 2011.

We are pleased to announce the release of new firmware on new products assembled after April 1, 2014. Listed below are the changes from W7220 (Jade) firmware version 1.07 to version 1.11.

New Features

Added stall actuator alarm suppression to avoid nuisance alarms on dampers that do not go open the full 90 degrees. Operator can suppress the stall alarm in a range of damper motion using the PC tool.
For example, if the damper only opens 50% then the damper alarm stall would initiate. On the 1.11 version the operator through the PC MOD tool can suppress the alarm in a specified range (ex: 35% to 50% open) and the alarm will still initiate out of the selected range (ex: below 35%).

Added Discharge Air (DA) temperature alarms for lower out of range (discharge air temperature too cold) and high out of range (discharge air temperature too high) Ex: if the discharge low end of range is set for 45F and the DA goes below 45F then an alarm will initiate. If the upper end of the range is set for 80F then when the DA goes above 80F an alarm will initiate. The operator can set the range using the input buttons on the Jade or using the PC tool. Default is 45F for the low range and 80F for the high range.

Hid “Factory defaults” so operators in the field cannot go back to factory defaults unless they use the PC tool to turn on the factory default setting.

Increased Fan cfm for DCV auto calibration from 15000 cfm to 50000 cfm.

Added table to instructions for minimum position settings and checkout menu. See table.

There are 4 minimum position settings on the 2-speed fan and CO2 options and only 2 minimum positions checked out in the CHECKOUT menu. Therefore the lowest setting (VENT MIN High Speed fan) and highest (VENT MAX Low speed fan) settings are on the CHECKOUT menu. The table assists the operators in determining what will show on the CHECKOUT menu based on the speed of the fan and DCV settings chosen.

PC Mod tool software has been updated to allow the existing PC tools to communicate with the new 1.11 Jade firmware. You will need to go online to and download the new software for the PC tool on your computer. Follow the instructions on the PC ModTool instruction sheet. The latest software is compatible with all firmware versions of Jade.


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