The EasyIO Beast is Coming!

FG32The EasyIO FG-32 Controller is designed to support Cloud services directly out of the box without the need of additional gateway devices. The FG-32 leverages Open Source technology to create an Open Environment in a field controller, enabling systems integrators to create their own services and solutions directly within the field controller.

It is comprised of area controller capabilities, as well as built in I/O and huge data logging capacity, all packaged in one unit. The Controller also supports multi concurrent protocols and services such as BACnet, Modbus, TCOM, Web Services, and both Server and Client services.
This controller complies with the ‘Internet of Things’ by interfacing directly to Cloud Services, without an additional gateway or server. To power the application, The FG has a dual ARM processor engine and a built-in Web Server.
The FG-32 changes the way that we will deploy Building Automation, especially in multiple facilities and locations, whereby a starter package can be deployed quickly and cost effectively without any additional hardware or middleware.  Another exciting feature is the openness and its web friendly tools to enable 3rd party tools to be deployed in addition to the Workbench that we are all familiar with today.
You can learn more about The Beast here.

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