Why Sarah Loves Belimo Characterized Control Valves: The Sarah Connor Control Chronicles

Characterized Control Valves (CCV) from Belimo should be your choice when it comes to controlling air handlers, heating and cooling coils, fan coil units, unit ventilators and VAV re-heat coils.  Traditional globe valves just became a thing of the past, and since I, Sarah Connor, am “all about” future technology, I want to share with you some amazing benefits of the CCV products from Belimo, supplied to you by Stromquist.  With over 2 million CCVs installed in hydronic systems today, this offers the best the comprehensive flow coefficient range (Cv) for so many applications.


Not Your Traditional Globe Valve:

Let’s think about the problems associated with a full-port ball valve.  Its large flow coefficient compared to its size causes the valve to supply full-required flow even when it is just slightly open.  And you know how I, Sarah Connor, am all about control, so it makes sense that using a traditional globe valve is just not good.  Because it uses just a small portion of the operating range, you just can’t achieve stable control.  Change the valve position even slightly, and there is a huge change in the heating and cooling output of the controlled device.


Choose a Belimo CCV from Stromquist for Better Control and Lower Costs:

A Characterized Control Valve uses a unique disc that fits right inside the inlet port.  This perfect design uses a special concave disc that matches the surface of the ball.  There is an opening in the ball and an opening in the disc, so the flow can be controlled slowly.  When it first begins to open, you know how hard it can be to increase the flow slowly.  With a Belimo CCV, the flow is controlled so well that the heat output is linear.  And you know how annoying it is when the system gets stuck in that “hunting” control loop, and the system has to keep adjusting itself to maintain the control point.  But with a Belimo CCV from Stromquist, the operating systems of the actuator are so much better.  When you use the full operating range, there are two important benefits!  The system lifespan is increased, and my very favorite… energy consumption is reduced.  Choose a B2 Series CCV for 2-way, or choose the B3 Series when 3-way mixing and diverting is required.


Multi-Function Technology Assures Optimum Functionality:

When the CCV is coupled with multi-function technology (MFT), the rotary actuators provide incredible precision.  Modulating, floating-point, and on/off methods are all optimized.  Using a CCV with MFT, you will never experience that sudden change in inlet flow when first opened.  And when closing it off, there is a 100% tight shut off on the 2-way valves.


Accessories Complete the Perfect Installation:

Stromquist supplies a complete line of Belimo accessories to make the CCV installation complete.  Choose housings, extention kits, weather shields, terminal covers, switches, and feedback potentiometers, all available from Stromquist.


Remember that Stromquist is your source for information, so contact our support specialisits today with your installation questions.  To learn more and to download product specifications, click here.


When it comes to being controlling, I, Sarah Connor, recommend you choose the Belimo CCVs from Stromquist!


4 Responses

  1. As the enforcer of laws yet to be written I must
    caution you on your misguided love of ball valves.
    Quality globe valves do not develop stem leaks as
    frequently as ball valves and piping factors
    are much less relevant when sizing valves.
    Also, do not make me use the “P” word.
    We both know how long those systems can last.

  2. />Oh my, scrutinizer, you are a man after my own heart. I was born and raised on good old globe valves, they are the best, “bullet proof”. But you know Zappa and all those crazy types at Joe’s garage just had to be different and come up with ball valves. You would have thought he would have learned his lesson with the whole “yellow snow” incident. Yes, there are consequences to cutting costs to lower prices and buyer beware if you are not sure about your application you are better off paying a little more and getting a globe valve especially if you are controlling steam.

  3. Belimo innovates the rest imitate,
    They deliver consistent quality and service. Their CCV ball valves are the product the other manufacturers attempt to copy.

    Retrofitting Belimo actuators on old globes is a thing of beauty. I have used dozens of butterflies on chillers over the last century and I am not aware of a single leaker, This will be critical when I start enforcing the
    Section 608 Refrigerant Rule on chilled water loops.

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