Road Trip with Mike Marston: Thoughts from Mr. Easy I/O aka The Mad Scientist of Sedona

Hi, Mike Marston here from Easy I/O. Eric Stromquist has dubbed me the Mad Scientist of Sedona, which I think is a compliment ( but not quite sure yet), and has asked me to share some thoughts regarding building automation controls as I travel across the world. In that I am a big fan of ControlTrends I agreed to post my thoughts from time to time.

So here goes. Something I have been thinking about a lot lately is Human Machine Interfaces or HMI’s in our industry. One of the first questions I would like to answer regarding building automation control systems is — what is the best Human Machine Interface (HMI) for our type of building automation controls projects and end user customers? While some customers require tablets, touch screens, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and HTML5 (where will it stop?), these devices might not be well suited for all maintenance personnel. So what is the best solution for a building controls system integrator to leave for the customer to interface with the control system you have installed.

There is an incessant challenge to structure and present content that is both easily readable by humans, via graphics and dashboards,yet consistently understood by the machines that run them. In any case, the user must find the data or the data must find the user.

Remember, the primary concern is to ensure that the customers have an adequate human machine interface, and I think in all cases, it is best to keep the HMI solution as simple and efficient as possible.

So ControlTrends community, which HMI are you using and what benefits and challenges do they offer? Please let me know your thoughts in comments and if you have any questions about Easy I/O or the Sedona framework please feeL to post them in the comments section and I will get you an answer.

Until, I get to post again, this is Mike Marston, the Mad Scientist of Sedona signing off, and remember when it comes to great DDC controllers they call it EASY I/O for a reason.


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  1. “Keeping the HMI solution as simple and efficient as possible”….completely agree with this comment. A full blown HMI has its place for sure, however quick and easy IO point data available right at the equipment can be extremely helpful to building engineers and HVAC technicians while troubleshooting. Basic smart phone interfaces are great for this, however it would be nice to utilize simple compact onsite interfaces located close to equipment. From what I can tell, the EASY-IO LCD HMI would be perfect to due just that.

    Does Easy-IO offer any training courses on their products in the mid Atlantic area? Specifically I am interested in learning more about the Easy-IO 30P and the LCD products and how they can be programmed and integrated with the Niagara AX platform. These two products look like the perfect components to accomplish complex control strategies and yet simplify it through their “open” nature.

    There does not seem to be a lot of information out there about specific applications of these devices. Any additional information on case studies or training on the products would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Scott, thanks for your comments. I feel sure that Mike will want to weight in and respond to your question about training. I can tell you the company that handles EASY I/O in the mid atlantic is M&M Controls out of Baltimore. Paul Burke or Pat Marsala could get you hooked up with the 30P and dialed in to how to integrate it with the Niagara Platform.
    M&M number 410.252.1221

  3. Scott, we sell via 17 FULL SERVICE Distributors in the USA, plus we have OEM’s and also a small EasyIO SI Channel. In your area, we have M&M Controls out of Baltimore. Paul Burke or Pat Marsala. Depending on your exact location, we also have Industrial Controls in North Carolina, Paul Thomas, and Brody Precision out of Philadelphia, just ask for Frank Witmer or Barry Hitchen.

  4. EasyIO FG, it’s almost here! The FG Beast will be launched at a one day free Training session after ASHRAE 2013.

    It’s time to unveil THE BEAST, our new FG Sedona heavyweights, starting with the FG 32. The First ever Dual Processor Linux Building and DDC Controller, featuring Sedona, BACNet, Modbus and HTML Graphic interface, and massive memory for storing years of Niagara archives.

    Please confirm if you will join us in Dallas the day after ASHRAE finishes, which will be Thursday 31st January 2013.

    It will be a blockbuster sellout limited to 150 free seats. Please register by return email. Venue will be advised later but it will be near the Expo in Dallas.

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